AWS launches AWS Media Intelligence solutions to assist AI integration into media content workflows

AWS Media Intelligence (AWS MI) solutions, a combination of services that is said to empower users to easily integrate AI into media content workflows, has been released by Amazon Web Services. AWS MI is designed to enable users to analyse media, improve content engagement rates, reduce operational costs and increase the lifetime value of media content.

AWS MI solutions are powered by AWS AI services, including Amazon Rekognition for image and video analysis, Amazon Transcribe for audio transcription, Amazon Comprehend for natural language comprehension and Amazon Translate for language translation.

As a result, AWS MI can process and analyse media assets to automatically generate metadata from images, video and audio content for downstream workloads at scale. Together, these solutions support AWS MI’s four primary use cases: search and discovery; subtitling and localisation; compliance and brand safety; and content monetisation.

Search and discovery use cases utilise AWS image and speech recognition capabilities to perform automatic metadata tagging on media assets and object identification, such as logos and characters to create searchable indexes. Historically, it would be necessary to manually review and annotate content to facilitate search, however this reduces the amount of human-led annotation, content production costs and highlight generation efforts.

TF1, a French free-to-air television channel owned by TF1 Group, is already using search and discovery solutions, working with AWS MI Technology Partner Synchronized. Nicolas Lemaitre, digital director for TF1 Group, said: “Due to the ever-increasing size of the MYTF1 catalogue, manual delivery of editorial tasks, such as the creation of thumbnails, is no longer scalable. Synchronized’s Media Intelligence solution and its applied artificial intelligence allow us to automate part of these tasks and enhance our premium content. We can now process bulk video content rapidly and with high quality control reducing cost and time to market.”

Other AWS partners providing AWS MI solutions are CLIPr, Dalet, EditShare, Empress Media Asset Management, Evertz, GrayMeta, IMT, Keycore, Quantiphi, PromoMii, SDVI, Starchive and TrackIt.

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