Blackbird platform updated with media compatibility enhancements

The latest upgrade to the Blackbird cloud video editing and publishing platform sees the introduction of a number of media compatibility improvements to ensure that the platform can be used efficiently.

A new editor feature enables users to create markers on their timeline during an edit session. As the visibility on the story mode displays these, rapid content resequencing can be performed or even just a high level review of the shots used in the edit. Blackbird says this will offer a speed and productivity boost for customers that produce stringouts of media and then subsequently refine their edit within the timeline.

Whereas previously access to any of the Blackbird effects has auto opened a timeframe animation preview, this has now been made into a togglable interface component to maximise screen real estate where users may not require the use of the animation of an effect or transformation.

In addition, clients using sidecar data file export with auto branding elements as preroll or postroll to their edited content can now receive the additional computed lengths post processing.

Support for publishing from multi mono (track per stream) to multiple channel /stream layouts including mono, stereo, 5.1 in MP4/MOV exports has also been introduced.

Blackbird publishing has typically been a stereo export by default, with the option for a multichannel split mono export from source media/timeline tracks. This feature enhancement will allow for downstream encoding to be set in profiles such as 2 x stereo, 4 x stereo, 5.1, stereo and 5.1 and other combinations as required and configured by an administrator.

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