Bright future for Triton server

Bright Technologies logoBright Technologies’ new compact, and eco-friendly BrightDrive Triton media file server is now shipping, billed as answering the need for an attractively priced, green system that only occupies a single rack unit.

According to the company, the server incorporates a unique set of features and functionalities that dramatically increase productivity and maximize profitability via real-time collaboration between all clients. Triton also supports StorNext 4.2.

Triton incorporates Bright’s best-of-class software, including the new patent-pending BrightClip 2.0 advanced recording technology. The latest BrightClip release is faster and smarter than ever, eliminating fragmentation, randomization and inter-leaved frames.

“Triton’s eco-friendly design lowers cooling requirements and significantly reduces power costs,” says a statement. “Its agnostic architecture allows facilities to seamlessly interface with their preferred applications, protocol, resolution, and formats, eliminating the need for investing in new storage. It offers the highest level of operational stability, consistent and predictable performance, and high-speed access for all users at all times. Triton is equipped with incomparable GUI’s (graphical user interfaces) for monitoring and administration.”

“BrightDrive Triton, occupies only 1U,” explains Roger Beck, Bright’s CTO. “Its compact frame guarantees a more efficient, cost-effective infrastructure at an extremely attractive price point.“

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