Broadcasters Cut the Cord at Sochi Games with TVU Cell-Transmission Packs

TVU Networks’ TVUPack was successfully used by dozens of broadcasters at the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics. At the games, major broadcasters from North America, Asia, Europe, and Australia used TVUPack to transmit hundreds of hours of live video back to audiences in their home countries.

As part of its large event Global Rental Program, TVU delivered dozens of fully equipped and optimized TVUPack cellular uplink transmitters to broadcasters onsite in Sochi. To ensure that customers could depend on a resilient transmission in an area with heavy network usage, TVU provided a number of hotspot locations around the area to provide dedicated bandwidth for customers in Sochi. Additionally, TVU had a team of support engineers onsite in Sochi to provide 24-7 support and ensure that each of the dozens of broadcasters from around the world going live from the games were able to deliver successful live shots.

“Our coverage of the Sochi Olympics was an absolute success, and we could have never done it without TVUPack,” says MR Jungnam Park, producer, SBS, South Korea. “We were able to easily do live video shots from multiple locations in the same day. TVU’s dedicated bandwidth and on-site support ensured that we were successfully transmitting crystal clear HD video, even in crowds. TVUPack was also very easy for our photographers to operate. Because of TVUPack, we feel we can do live coverage anywhere in the world cost effectively.”

During the Olympics, SBS was also able to find a creative way to implement TVUPack and the TVU Cloud service in order to augment their live interviews with South Korean athletes immediately following each event. SBS photographers would be onsite in South Korea with the athlete’s family, and use TVUPack to transmit the live video of the family’s reaction to a live video stream hosted on the Web via TVU’s cloud service and a Content Delivery Network (CDN). Reporters in Sochi were able to access the video stream on their mobile phones and show the athletes their families’ reactions in real time.

“Using TVUPack and the cloud service to let the athletes interact with their families gave us some of the most memorable moments that we captured during the Sochi games,” says Park. “Because of TVUPack’s tremendous flexibility, we were able to do something memorable for the athletes and give our viewers a more complete story. We could not have accomplished that without TVUPack.”

Already in use by hundreds of broadcast organizations around the world, the TVUPack family of IP transmission solutions gives broadcasters satellite and microwave TV truck functionality in a lightweight, portable, and untethered form. TVUPack is a one button operation backpack, is simple to use and provides broadcasters with low-latency, HD-quality signal that enables them to broadcast live at any time and from any location. The TVUPack family of solutions has been used to deliver professional-quality live HD footage of a number of important events around the world including the World Cup, the London Summer Games, the Sochi Winter Games, U.S. presidential elections, Hurricane Sandy, and the 2013 Papal conclave.

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