BVE 2014: Cambridge Imaging Systems, Quantum in scalable publishing solution partnership

Cambridge Imaging Systems has announced a partnership with Quantum Corp to provide a scalable and secure end-to-end solution for content owners who need to store, catalogue and distribute media via a branded, feature-rich web interface. The combination of Cambridge Imaging Systems’ Imagen Media Asset Management and Publishing system and Quantum’s StorNext 5 creates a collaborative solution that is ideal for broadcasters and production companies wishing to create their own VOD or catch-up TV service, and production teams requiring fast access to a shared media repository, either onsite or online via a YouTube-style interface.

The combined system provides a comprehensive, scalable and configurable solution for archiving and publishing online, with multi-tier storage archives and granular security controls that offer fine levels of access over content and functionality. When Imagen is connected to StorNext scale-out Storage appliances, users can store originals, create multiple versions and then deliver content to customers in a branded web delivery platform.

In addition, production staff can enjoy lightning fast access to high resolution originals while customers can depend on web-based delivery of proxies via Imagen’s public web interface.

Imagen is a highly scalable solution for managing and publishing media in a secure, fully customisable website. End-users will experience a cutting edge range of features for searching, clipping, collecting and downloading, with access levels that you control. Automated ingest and distribution workflows will save you time. Secure data transfers and replication routines protect your data for the long term, while a range of system options from cloud to on-premises cater to a wide range of budgets.

Newly engineered from the ground up, Quantum’s StorNext 5 is a complete end-to-end solution that combines file management technology with easy-to-deploy appliances to support the world’s most complex and demanding digital media workflows.

Tom Blake, managing director, Cambridge Imaging Systems, says: “Our collaboration with Quantum’s team and its StorNext 5 technology delivers the one Media Asset Management and Publishing system that can do it all. Users can store, transcode, catalogue and publish to a great looking website, with fast and secure access to assets.”

Anniek Snauwaert, global strategy manager – technology partners, Quantum, adds: “Cambridge Imaging Systems’ Imagen is a great fit with our new StorNext 5 platform. This partnership brings to our customers a combination of highly scalable and flexible storage offerings for online publishing and content archives with high-performance workflow requirements.”

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