BVE Preview – Part One

BVE logoWhile the industry is already starting to obsess about all things NAB, before that there’s the small matter of the UK’s largest tradeshow, Broadcast Video Expo, in February. The show has gone from strength to strength in its new slot in the calendar, and now boasts around 300 exhibitors and an attendance in the region of 15,000 souls. Here’s the first of the exhibitor previews that are surfacing for the event…

Eyeheight has chosen BVE 2012 as the UK launch venue for the world’s first dual-channel stereoscopic 3D video legaliser.

The LE-3D was developed in co-operation with one of London’s leading broadcast production, post-production and distribution facilities. It allows legalisation parameters for left and right video channels to be adjusted from a single operating panel to ensure precise compliance. User-adjustable settings include RGB, YUV or composite mode selection, clipping level, soft clipping knee, luma and chroma gain, black level, and hue rotation. Six user memories are available to store group settings. EBU 2003 standard legalisation presets are also provided.

Based on the company’s geNETics platform, the LE-3D has two independent HD-SDI inputs and outputs. Processing is to full 10-bit depth throughout. Multiple LE-3D modules can be accommodated in a 1 RU 19 inch chassis for operation under local control from an Eyeheight FP-9 generic control panel. All geNETics products are driven via a unified hardware or software menu system giving fast and easy access to all relevant parameters.

Preco has chosen BVE 2012 for the UK launch of the Logitek ROC audio control console. Designed for fast and easy operation in live control rooms, post-production rooms and news booths, the ROC is a modular system with a low-profile control panel which can be placed directly onto an existing worksurface. Available in 6, 12, 18 and 24 fader configurations, the console is easily integrated into permanent or temporary studios.

The ROC control surface includes high-quality 100 millimetre long-throw Penny & Giles faders, OLED source indicators and meters, plus a suite of controls to maximise the power of Logitek’s JetStream audio-over-IP platform. A durable reverse-printed overlay ensures that none of the printing will be worn off by surface abrasion.

Each ROC fader module has a user-definable 16-character source labels on a bright wide-angle display. The labels support Unicode characters including Chinese and Kanji. Bus buttons assign programme plus three auxiliary sends per fader. Each fader has a change button and cue button plus a soft-key button which can be used for talkback or intercom. Other integral features include a cue speaker and front-rail headphone monitor jacks (standard and miniature).

DK Technologies, meanwhile, will be showing off its DK Meter, a highly portable Compact Audio Loudness Meter that retails at just €995.00 in Europe. Since launching the DK Meter at NAB 2011, DK has received a fantastic response from the industry with what it refers to as an ‘unprecedented’ level of advance orders that are now being fulfilled.

Richard Kelley, Sales and Marketing Director for DK, says: “We have never seen anything like this before. The new DK meter has received more enquiries per week than any other product we have sold in the past, proving that there is huge demand from the industry for an affordable audio metering solution that not only delivers conventional metering but also ITU, EBU R128 and ATSC-compliant loudness metering at the same time, on the same display and in a single box.”

The size of a smart phone, the DK Meter has no interface box to hide behind the equipment or in the console and comes in two versions – the stereo DK1 and the 5.1 surround sound DK2. Both versions are easy to use, easy to install and can be powered from a computer USB port, making them ideal for location recording. They accept digital audio inputs and are supplied with all known loudness measurement recommendations, as well as the standard DK-Technologies meter scales. As they use the same software as DK’s existing products, there are no technical issues when switching between a DK Meter and one of the larger meters in the company’s range which provides facilities for loudness logging.


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