Canon unveils EOS C400 camera for live large format production plus new RF mount lens

Canon has launched the EOS C400 for the live, ENG, cinema and virtual production sectors, with sport productions seeking a cinematic look highlighted as key potential users of the new camera.

Billed by Canon as the “next generation Cinema EOS camera”, the compact EOS C400 is equipped with ethernet port, DIN port and tally lamps to aid those who use the camera in a live production setting.

It also boasts a 6K full frame BSI (back side illuminated) sensor which Canon said would provide “increased light gathering efficiency to deliver higher sensitivity, less noise and better all-round image quality”.

Smaller than the C500 Mark II, Canon described the camera as a versatile device that can be used as a handheld camera, with a gimbal, via a shoulder mount or attached to a drone.

Canon said the C400 is the manufacturer’s most high-end Cinema EOS camera to support its RF (lens) technology, with support for RF-mount prime, zoom, hybrid, cinema and VR lenses.

“The use of large format cameras [by sports productions] has increased dramatically; people have realised it doesn’t have to be pre-recorded for footage to look epic,” said Canon Europe marketing specialist Jack Adair.

“The way to look at this camera, is it’s not a system camera – it is obviously not fibre. But in an era where people are downscaling the size of their OB operation a lot more people are relying on IP. This is a camera that supports SRT as well as having all the built in live features such as timecode, gen lock etc, and it gives that full frame image.

CN7x17 KAS T lens

“We’re not suggesting it is a replacement for the cameras in your 32-camera OB truck, but if you’re doing an IP-based LAN setup that you want large format involved in or if you need someone on pitch, running around with an RF transmitter, that’s what these are for. They’re there to support your large format production needs.”

The C400 is expected to be available around September for €7226.

Canon has also unveiled the CN7x17 KAS T lens, with the main difference to previous CN7x17 KAS S lenses being the addition of RF mount availability and the new Canon eXs-V drive unit. In addition, a PL-RF Mount Adapter has also been launched.

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