ChyronHego introduces Coach Capture for sports video analysis

Designed to suit the everyday needs of the sports video analyst and coach, the new Coach Capture product suite from ChyronHego allows for both live and post-game video recording in HD 1080 format, tagging, logging, and telestration of game events. As the only logging tool available on macOS X, Windows (versions 7 and 10) and Windows tablets, Coach Capture offers complete cross-platform compatibility with existing workflows.

“We understand that time is the most crucial commodity for sports analysts, and there are numerous individual events they’d like to capture during any given game. Coach Capture removes the restrictions that traditionally limit analysts’ ability to quickly capture, log, and organize game clips,” said James Clarke-Reed, head of sports performance and technology solutions at ChyronHego. “With Coach Capture, we have listened to our customers’ needs and feedback to provide a flexible and dynamic tool that allows sports clubs to work seamlessly within their current workflows, building in additional features and functionality for analyzing game play in more ways than ever before.”

Speed and accuracy are the hallmarks of Coach Capture. Users can log, seek and skip between events, and they can automatically add clips to playlists and reorganize them on the fly for those instances in which time is critical and pressure is high.

Seamless integration to the analytical workflow of the Coach Paint product suite is at the heart of Coach Capture. Users can log, navigate through events, and easily push clips between Coach Capture and Coach Paint. The tool’s file-based workflow goes even further by supporting the import and export of game footage, utilising all formats from SD to 1080 HD and external XMLs from other data and video providers.

Coach Paint offers powerful flexibility for capture, logging and illustration, allowing users to log notational data with its intuitive pop-out labels, organize desktop space, and avoid messy multi-window confusion.

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