Clever disguise as r17 offers enhanced user workflows

disguise has launched r17, the latest update to its software. Designed in response to feedback gathered from disguise’s community of artists and technicians, r17 promises to enhance the experience of building projects, unlocks better ways to work and saves time and effort when producing incredible live visuals.

disguise software enables users to previsualise every pixel of a project before an event or installation. Doing this helps users align and delight every stakeholder ahead of time and deliver on schedule. r17 introduces to previsualisation powerful ‘manipulators’ that give users the ability to select multiple objects on a 3D stage and offset, rotate and scale them at the click of a mouse. The feature dramatically improves efficiency and usability, reducing the time and effort needed to set up a project.

In r17, disguise has also taken compositing to the next level with PreComps. Using the flexible timeline, users can now route video content between different layers, enabling them to blend and mix content sources to create a complete look. This new workflow allows users to create a pre-composition of layers which can be reused in multiple locations, making timelines cleaner and more flexible. Also SockPuppet projects — which allow users to control disguise via a lighting desk, iPad or networked device — now perform better and need less complex setups.

r17 also includes NDI support. Users can now stream an NDI source from content tools to the disguise stage, all in real-time, unlocking new workflows for esports, fixed installations, and TV productions. Integration with NDI can also be used as a streaming preview from content tools, such as 3DSMax or AfterEffects that enable users to finesse content accurately in-situ, saving time and speeding up workflows.

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