Cobalt Digital introduces SCTE trigger insertion and OTT streaming platform

Cobalt Digital has launched its FAST-STREAM OTT platform for frame-accurate SCTE trigger (FAST) insertion and enhanced H.264 OTT streaming. FAST-STREAM OTT is the first system of its kind to be able to insert data frame-accurately into baseband video as prescribed in the SCTE specifications.

Built with terrestrial over-the-air, direct-broadcast satellite, terrestrial cable/MSO, and over-the-top (OTT) internet streaming providers in mind, the FAST-STREAM OTT system interfaces with automation and uses timestamps to insert SCTE 104 metadata frame-accurately and deterministically into baseband SDI. It then performs high-quality H.264 encodes designed to meet sophisticated delivery requirements in real time. Importantly, during the compression stage, the system takes the SCTE 104 messages from the SDI input and converts them to SCTE 35, which it then uses to reorder the group of pictures (GOP) so the I-frames line up with the trigger messages that were inserted at the baseband stage. This benefit contrasts with the typical, less precise method, whereby automation triggers insertion of a basic preloaded SCTE 104 message as close to the intended frame as possible.

FAST-STREAM OTT replaces a stand-alone SCTE 104 inserter and H.264 encoder by integrating them into a single compact, high-density appliance. The entire platform fits in a 2-RU Cobalt HPF-9000 frame or openGear® OG3-FR frame with redundant power supplies. The system is available in single- or dual-channel configurations, and one 2-RU openGear frame will support six FAST-STREAM OTT channels. In another first for the industry, the system is available with an x86 computer module that sits in the 2-RU frame alongside the FAST-STREAM OTT modules, taking advantage of the dual load-sharing power supplies and high-performance cooling.

FAST-STREAM OTT is intended as a set-it-and-forget-it system that, once configured, runs under automation. Remote monitoring and control are possible via the DashBoard™ Control System or SNMP, and built-in SNMP alarming alerts operators to any problems.

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