College Football Playoff moves from FTP to Wazee Digital

College Football Playoff (CFP) has replaced its File Transfer Protocol (FTP) site with Wazee Digital Media Hub. The move gives authorised media a centralised, branded portal through which to access, preview, and download approved CFP content to help enhance coverage of College Football Playoff games.

“We had been using FTP sites to store our digital assets in the past. While FTP served our needs over the years, it was time for something simpler and more efficient,” said Gina Lehe, College Football Playoff senior director of communications and brand management. “Members of the media are often crunched for time and need a site that is reliable and well-organised, so the greatest benefit of having Digital Media Hub is to provide media with a user-friendly one-stop shop that gives them easy access to all things CFP.”

Digital Media Hub serves as a central access point through which users can acquire, enhance, and distribute media, and it is the only centralised, SaaS-based system that allows host broadcasters like CFP to capture live moments and make them immediately available for global highlights, publishing, and syndication as an event is happening. CFP’s Digital Media Hub use case is unique in that, in addition to providing access to near-real-time footage during the upcoming 2017-2018 playoffs, CFP has chosen to feature its brand guidelines; logos for the CFP brand, national championship game, and Playoff Semifinal bowl games; and Media Day and press conference clips from the 2015 through 2017 national championship games.

The ability to search, preview, and download content across multiple years will not only save time for members of the media, but it will reduce or eliminate the time CFP must spend fulfilling requests.

CFP’s Digital Media Hub site is expected to see heavy use leading up to and during the playoff games on Jan. 1 and Jan. 8, 2018. Thanks to the ability to create online, centralised workflows in Digital Media Hub, CFP and its authorized users will benefit from a customized workflow to streamline operations during CFP Media Day on Jan. 6. On Media Day, Wazee Digital will integrate workflows with CFP teams on-site to receive press conference clips and content, which will be made available for search and download within minutes of delivery. Digital Media Hub will allow media outlets, whether on site or not, to access a sizable amount of content from Media Day to incorporate into their coverage of the CFP National Championship.

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