CyanView adds new functionalities for distributed production

CyanView has added new functionalities for distributed production that are facilitated by its universal Remote Control Panel (Cy-RCP). The company will be using its presence at IBC to demonstrate, when combined with a range of hardware and software interfaces, the potential of these features in remote (REMI), distributed and cinematic live multi-cam production settings.

The RCP – which sits at the heart of CyanView’s range of solutions – represents a universal tool that can be integrated with a substantial list of major camera brands and models operating across all levels of the broadcast market. With the ability to integrate with a limitless number of cameras – along with both direct controls and external colour correctors, tally and router compatibility for multi-camera touch-down vision preview – the RCP represents a cost-effective solution that is said to meet the demands of vision engineers across the board.

The new iris T-bar joystick also makes the RCP a suitable tool for the control of main cameras on local and remote live productions or wireless applications. When combined with a range of hardware modules, the RCP can be deployed across a range of applications, including specialist camera, fly-away and REMI productions – serving the needs of both large-scale organisations and small niche producers who are seeking to use remote camera applications in unusual and streamlined ways, or operating in complex technological or logistical environments while still maintaining broadcast-level image control and output.

For six years, CyanView has been increasing its presence and visibility within the broadcast market, developing into a company capable of supplying IP-based, multi-venue, cloud-linked camera shading in a way that simplifies and streamlines setup and workflows, lowers costs and provides myriad creative opportunities. The company will therefore be using IBC to demonstrate the extensive range of solutions it provides across mini-cameras, Polecam or gimbal-mounted large sensor cameras, and cinematic setups where external lens control for a range of lens motors is required.

The focus of CyanView’s presence will be on demonstrating the extensive number of manufacturers and technologies which can be integrated and controlled through the full range of CyanView solutions, including both niche providers and major industry names supplying cameras, lenses, robotics and 3D LUT boxes and the integration with the recently announced AJA ColorBox facilitating creative shading with HDR conversion and signal correction.

The stand will also have a corner devoted to sports applications, showcasing ways in which CyanView tools have been used to facilitate flexible and efficient production of major American football, golf and cycling events, as well as fashion shows and concerts. Visitors will be able to see firsthand the workflow control features and low latency UHF, cellular and WiFi-based operation of CyanView’s controllers.

Speaking of the new distributed capabilities, CyanView CEO David Bourgeois said: “The key principle of our technologies is flexibility: our RCP can be deployed in a huge range of contexts – from controlling miniaturised, goal-mounted cameras, to wireless drone cameras, to reality shows using hundreds of PTZ cameras, or simply a system of conventional broadcast cameras being shaded from halfway across the globe. Our vast range of configurations and functionalities that can be achieved are now also available to cinematic productions where both the vision operator and a technical supervisor can access any camera simultaneously from their own positions.”


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