Dailymotion selects Streamroot to control cost and QoS for OTT video delivery

Dailymotion, a leading video hosting platform, has selected Streamroot to better control cost and quality of service across the globe. Dailymotion has implemented Streamroot’s patented peer-to-peer delivery technology on both its live and VoD content. This innovative, plugin-free solution is designed to help the broadcaster deliver its content more efficiently and scale profitably over the long run.

With an increasing amount of video available on better-connected and higher-quality devices, delivery is becoming increasingly cost-prohibitive. The Streamroot services suite has proven to: offload as much as 90% of content from content delivery networks (CDNs; improve performance by optimising delivery across last mile connections; increase audience engagement on longer VoD content; scale indefinitely without added CDN expense; and lower the total cost of running a multi-million audience infrastructure.

“With over 100 million video views per day, ensuring robust video delivery is of paramount importance to Dailymotion,” says Pierre-Yves Kerembellec, head of video Architecture. “Streamroot offers us this possibility. Their technology scales naturally to exploding audiences and to unpredictable traffic spikes, whilst at the same time keeping our delivery costs down and ensuring excellent quality.”

Guillaume du Pontavice, streaming experience architect at Dailymotion, adds: “We have worked closely with Streamroot on both delivery and on questions surrounding our video player. The integration with Streamroot’s technology was seamless, and their expertise in HTML5 video has proven highly valuable.”

“We are excited to have one of the world’s largest video platforms – and most forward-looking companies – as one of our customers,” says Streamroot CEO Pierre-Louis Théron. “Our transparent peer-to-peer technology is the perfect addition to Dailymotion’s own infrastructure; it will allow the company to cost-effectively deliver large volumes of video while improving viewing experience at the same time.”

The initial rollout focuses on Dailymotion’s HTML5 web player. Mobile and other platforms are expected to be launched soon. “We look forward to expanding our relationship in the coming months and broadening the reach of the technology,” Théron adds.

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