DPA prepares HD focus for IBC 2013

DPA will highlight it ability to deliver all microphone solutions for HD broadcast sound applications – from a simple lavalier or headset mic to a full TV show set-up.

Christian Poulsen, CEO of DPA Microphones, says: “People spend a lot of time in front of their TV and enjoying this experience depends on the picture they see and the sound they hear. This is where DPA microphones make the difference. A poor sound, even with a good picture, is not accepted. Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for the sound engineer to work with DPA microphones. This means that they are extremely linear and need very little or no EQ’ing. DPA is the only company on the market that delivers the same sound pattern, whether you work with a miniature microphone or a larger d:dicate microphone. The microphones simply blend perfectly and give a fantastic sound experience – for the sound engineer and the audience.”

In the broadcast studio the TV host may be close miked with a DPA lavalier miniature mic mounted on the chest, or perhaps the elegant d:dicate mic on a gooseneck mounted on the desktop. The journalist who interviews people in the field could be miked with a DPA miniature or headset mic, while recording the interview with a d:facto mic. In a major TV talent show, the TV host might wear a d:fine Headset Microphone, the singer perform with a d:facto Vocal Microphone, the band reinforced with d:vote 4099 Instrument Microphones and d:dicate Recording microphones, and the whole ambience captured with the 5100 Mobile Surround microphones.

Beside DPA’s unique miniature based microphones, broadcasters will be interested in the new d:dicate 4017C Shotgun microphone, a shorter version of the popular d:dicate 4017B Shotgun microphone. Thanks to the modularity of this new d:dicate range, DPA has been able to team the 4017 shotgun capsule with its compact C preamp to create a microphone that is ideal for boom recording in tight spaces and rooms where ceiling height is limited. Offering the same functionality as the 4017B-R, which is the shotgun microphone in a Rycote Windshield, the 4017C-R offers the same solution, just with the 4017C and a smaller Rycote Windshield to give outside broadcasters, journalists and location film-makers everything they need for clear, directional sound, regardless of weather or environmental conditions.

The d:dicate series has been expanded with yet another new preamplifier solution, two modular active cables (MMP-ER with rear cable entry and MMP-ES with side cable entry), plus a number of modular active booms (MMP-F). IBC 2013 will also see DPA Microphones showcase its new d:facto II Vocal Microphone and its expanded d:fine series of headset microphones.

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