Dream Chip unveils AtomOne Mini Zoom 

Dream Chip has released its AtomOne Mini Zoom, a miniature camera that introduces zoom functionality to its visual specifications. With dimensions of just 60x80mm and a weight of 267g, the camera works on a rolling shutter basis with a 1/2.5in sensor, allowing for resolution of up to 1080p60.

The zoom functionality has been designed to facilitate more effective shot reframing – making the camera more effective for deployment in unusual and creative locations. The base aperture stands at F1.6 – 2.9mm, providing for a wide angle 130° shot, and allows for the frame to be reduced to a 66° angle shot at 9mm. With such compact dimensions, the camera can be added to an extensive range of locations without being obtrusive or interfering in the action; for instance, on race car bumpers and dashboards, behind goals, on nets, or right on the edge of action locations.

The zoom reframe ability also allows for a focus on individual action components, facial reactions or emotive details. Production teams are able to maintain full creative control over all elements of the shot, as the AtomOne Mini Zoom maintains full iris control on a remote basis and can be colour matched with other cameras in the production setup using multi matrix colour support.

In addition to the zoom function, Dream Chip has partnered with Bradley Remote to add the potential for pan-tilt functionality, turning the AtomOne Mini Zoom into one of the smallest PTZ cameras on the market.

Christian Kühn, product sales marketing manager at Dream Chip, said: “The AtomOne range has always been about providing creative possibilities that can’t be achieved with larger cameras. Whether it be mounted on a net, a drone, or the front bumper of a car, our cameras bring audiences closer to the action and allow for the communication of excitement and emotion. Developing these elements is always the focus of our continued, intensive research and development process.

“The new AtomOne Mini Zoom is quite a remarkable addition to our range – and to the market – allowing even greater control and creativity. As with the rest of the AtomOne range, it’s a hugely adaptable and resilient tool that provides exceptional, undistorted image quality.”


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