EditShare extends collaborative editing into the cloud with new EFSv Platform

EditShare, a provider specialising in collaboration, security, and intelligent storage solutions for media creation and management, is making collaborative cloud-based media production possible with its virtualised video editing and storage platform, EFSv.

Initially running on Amazon Web Services (AWS) infrastructure, the open EFSv platform supports industry standard, third party creative tools for editing, audio mixing, and grading with security capabilities such as file auditing to propel secure, end to end editorial workflows in the cloud.

EFSv native drivers eliminate traditional IT bottlenecks and deliver superior performance in virtual environments. And, by using the EditShare Restful API, customers and technology partners can easily automate advanced storage management workflows.

“Only the cloud can bring the depth of flexibility that’s essential for today’s unusual and disruptive circumstances. Overnight, the advantages offered by the cloud have changed from being ‘nice to have’ to ‘necessary,’” stated Sunil Mudholkar, vice president of product management, EditShare. “We have real-world experience successfully deploying EditShare customer workflows to run in AWS and Tencent Cloud. EFSv is the culmination of these successes.”

Mudholkar explained the capabilities: “With EFSv, there is no loss of capabilities. Everything, including project sharing, editing, and bin locking, is virtualided. Users can spin up an entire virtual facility in moments, with all the computing power they need to complete real-world projects in the cloud.”

Commercially available today, EFSv packages include the workstation and GPU resources required to support teams of all sizes. The EFSv packages also include EditShare’s Flow media management and remote production workflow tools. Flow adds a control layer to virtualised storage pools, with tools to scan, log, search, and organise media, assemble story packages, and move content between object and block tiers of storage and also between cloud and on-premise tiers. Flow’s automation capabilities let users orchestrate redundant tasks and complex workflows, optimising workflow efficiencies.

The flexible EditShare pricing structure provides customers transparency with options to purchase the EFSv subscription alone or inclusive of cloud services.

EditShare’s 24/7 Customer Success team is available to consult and move client workflows to the cloud. This includes cloud configuration, data migration, workflow design and system automation.

Stuart McGeechan, vice president of customer success, commented on EditShare readiness: “We will walk through the framework, set up, and ongoing management of your production environment in the cloud. We can advise on methods for clustering cloud instances to meet the scale-out variable requirements of bandwidth, storage, and multi-track editing in the cloud. And, we’ll give you a blueprint for starting small and growing as your needs grow. Our team will work with yours to accelerate cloud deployments and increase productivity.”

The EditShare Customer Success team is currently migrating a number of enterprise customer deployments to EFSv environments.


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