Emotion Systems tackling loudness in Brazil

eFF from Emotion Systems is establishing itself as a loudness compliance tool for file-based workflows, capable of opening a wide range of media files including MXF, QuickTime, P2, DPP, AIFF, WAV and LXF, and compliance adjusting the loudness of the audio, including Dolby E encoded audio, within these files.  True Peak DNA processing expands on this to offer True Peak correction to eliminate short-term spikes in the audio, which would otherwise lead to clipping.

According to Emotion Systems, this will help organisations in Brazil as the Brazilian Government has recently joined many other countries in adopting loudness compliance as a broadcast requirement. Emotion Systems is working with Libor, a leading professional broadcast distributor in Brazil, with the first sale of eFF in the country going to Tag Worldwide, an organisation which includes Smoke & Mirrors, long-term users of eFF in London.

“I am really pleased at how eFF is being accepted as the reliable and trusted way to achieve loudness compliance within file-based workflows and am excited by this expansion into the Brazilian market,” says Emotion Systems’ CEO MC Patel.

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