Germany invests in WorldCast SmartFM technology to reduce energy costs and carbon footprint

Germany has undertaken the large-scale rollout of WorldCast Systems’ SmartFM. This worldwide patented technology enables broadcasters operating Ecreso transmitters to reduce their energy consumption by up to 40%. The rollout, representing 800 FM transmitters by the end of 2022, is a major step towards the decarbonisation of FM broadcast in Germany.

Of the nearly 2,000 Ecreso FM transmitters sold to the country, almost half of them are operated by Uplink Network. SmartFM is currently being deployed on Uplink’s´s entire park of Ecreso transmitters.

The deployment is being phased in progressively, with a launch earlier this year and continuing until December. The first group of users already confirm a consistently positive field performance with SmartFM in terms of energy savings, with no impact on audio quality and coverage.

“Germany is renowned for its rigorous selection process, which makes this a resounding success for our teams – and we hope, for the entire radio industry. For Uplink, the trigger was to broadcast with a greener solution while ensuring optimal quality,” said Christophe Poulain, co-president of WorldCast Systems.

“We are pleased to be able to take this important step in energy saving together with WorldCast Systems. As Germany’s largest broadcaster, it is particularly important to us to successfully support our customers with innovative saving options such as SmartFM without loss of quality. An efficient process that saves energy, reduces costs and protects the climate,” says Thomas Weiner, COO, Uplink Group (pictured).

In addition to reducing CO2 emissions by up to 40%, SmartFM in parallel drives down electricity bills. “With the alarming rise in electricity costs, especially across Europe, SmartFM can be a lifesaver for broadcasters who are looking to reduce their bills; we are talking about hundreds or thousands of euros of yearly savings, depending on network size, transmitter power range, and program content,” continued Poulain.


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