Grass Valley cameras help Presteigne meet demand for UHD, HDR and IP

Grass Valley has been selected by UK rental house Presteigne Broadcast Hire as its primary cameras supplier in response to growing demand for higher resolutions and native IP support from customers in the UK.

Presteigne Broadcast Hire has added 25 LDX 86 Universe 4K UHD cameras to its inventory, allowing it to offer native 4K UHD, 3G and HD support to its clients. The new cameras enable the rental house to leverage an upgrade path to 4K UHD, HDR and IP, as it addresses the needs of a rapidly evolving market.

“We identified a trend where many of the major rental customers are migrating to Grass Valley cameras as clients now demand the advanced feature set, multi-format capability and native IP support they deliver. We’ve seen the robustness and image performance of Grass Valley cameras in the field at a number of major recent events that clearly illustrates their flexibility and reliability. As our clients face shifting market demands, the ability to transition seamlessly to IP, 4K UHD and HDR becomes more important to us – and Grass Valley makes it very simple,” said Adrian Young, COO, Presteigne Broadcast Hire. “We have a strong reputation for delivering the latest technology to our clients and Grass Valley is the market leader in driving open-IP migration, which is of growing importance to our business. Having them as our primary camera supplier will greatly benefit us and our clients.”

All the cameras purchased by Presteigne Broadcast Hire are equipped with Grass Valley’s DirectIP capability, enabling efficient handling of uncompressed signal distribution. The DirectIP workflow also simplifies the interconnections, allowing just the camera heads to be on-site while the XCU base station remains at-home in the production center – regardless of its location.

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