Gravity Media invest in Telestream test and measurement kit

Gravity Media has made a significant investment in Telestream test and measurement equipment, including master sync and clock reference generators, automatic changeover units and multiple units of Telestream’s Prism waveform monitors. The Prism monitors include both rack-mounted and portable units.

The first outing for this new investment was at this Summer’s European Football Championship where Gravity Media provided host broadcast services to the event’s organiser. This international event employed ten stadiums across Europe and each featured a Technical Operations Centre (TOC) where Gravity Media’s staff and equipment were located.

“High-quality test and measurement facilities are an essential pre-requisite at mission-critical large-scale live broadcasting events such as these European championships,” commented Simon Nicholls, director of engineering at Gravity Media. “We knew that only a ‘Rolls Royce’ test and measurement system would provide the features, facilities and operational reliability that we need and, without doubt, Telestream’s products are best in class.”

Telestream sync generators and waveform monitors are important tools to ensure the accurate timing and video quality of live sport and event productions. Telestream signal generators are key to timing many different devices to a single Grandmaster clock in hybrid environments where SDI infrastructure is also present. Benefits include the ability to include a wide variety of standards and custom test signals in the same device and the ability to provide redundancy. For situations where timing from a GPS is crucial to the operation, the ability to continue operations, even in the event of a lost GPS signal, is critical.

“We congratulate Gravity Media on its resounding success at this Summer’s European Football Championship and are proud that Telestream test and measurement technology contributed to that success,” commented Benjamin Desbois, senior vice president and chief sales officer at Telestream. “Gravity Media did not make such a significant purchase of Telestream test and timing gear because it was all new. They did so because it is solid, reliable, well-respected and built on a multi-decade history of success.”

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