Hessischer Rundfunk muxes DVB-T2 and OTT with ATEME

Hessischer Rundfunk, one of the ARD members, a public broadcaster in Germany, has deployed ATEME’s compression and statistical multiplexing solutions for its DVB-T2 and OTT services. Its brand new HEVC statmux headend uses ATEME TITAN full-software solution for delivering 15 full-HD channels with premium video quality. The solution was supplied by SatService, an ATEME business partner and product distributor for the DACH region.

“We are pleased to announce having selected ATEME to service our new DVB-T2 converged headend,” said Jörg-Peter Jost, senior engineer at Hessischer Rundfunk.  “We decided to deploy the TITAN solution to deliver our premium services with the highest video quality on all kinds of end user devices. The end-to-end solution by ATEME provides us with the full flexibility we need today in terms of hardware abstraction, third party integration and custom service oriented operations under a unified management system.”

“Together with ATEME we are proud to deliver this full-software solution,” said Kai Koppenburg, sales director at SatService. “It enables cost-effective creation of live OTT channels, data-center economics and allows greater operational efficiencies.”

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