IBC 2019: Cartoni debuts new professional tripod solutions

Cartoni (stand 12.E30) will be present at IBC 2019 with a new array of products from the Italian leader in premium camera supports for the broadcast, film, and pro-video industries.

A tripod for camera operators who know every second counts is one of the key new products that Cartoni will debut at IBC 2019. Discover the RED LOCK and all other new solutions from Cartoni.

The newest release in the Cartoni tripod range is the RED LOCK, a lightweight tripod designed for camera operators on the go. Extremely robust, despite being lightweight, the two-stage aluminum tripod is capable of achieving extremely high and extremely low shots, reducing the need for baby leg tripods. The RED LOCK tripod was designed with speed and ease of use in mind for camera operators who know that every second counts!

With a weight of 3 kg (6.6 lbs) and a payload of 60kg (132 lbs), the RED LOCK extends to a maximum height of 153 cm (60 in) and in its “go-low mode” reaches a minimum height of 50 cm (19 in). Folded, the tripod has 77 cm (30 in). The RED LOCK tripod can also accommodate 75mm and 100mm set-ups by simply changing the inner composite ring.

The RED LOCK rubber feet have a new design for maximum stability, and the Smart Spreader allows you to set up & fold the tripod in an instant. Cartoni says that despite its set of features, the RED LOCK tripod is surprisingly affordable and a solution that those in need of a lightweight tripod should check.

On the other end of the scale is the new MAXIMA 5.0, presented as the ultimate answer for digital cinematography with heavy-duty packages. Featuring Cartoni’s patented counterbalance, the MAXIMA 5.0 handles payloads from zero to 50 kg, with “perfect artoni to debut new products at IBC 2019balance” throughout the 180° tilt range. The patented continuous fluid drag system allows almost freewheeling to extremely consistent drag for maximum versatility and perfect diagonal shots.

With a weight of 13 kg (28.6 lbs) and a maximum payload capacity of 50 kg (110 lbs), the MAXIMA 5.0 features a pan range of 360° with a tilt range of +/- 90°. With continuous counterbalance and fluid drag, the tripod has a flat Mitchell /150mm base and is designed to work at temperatures between -40/+60°C.

A tripod for sports and outdoor broadcast
The third new product to debut at IBC 2019 is the Sport 200 (S200), a revolutionary set of tripod legs, designed specifically to meet the rigorous demands of sports and outside broadcast (OB) production. It continues, says the company, Cartoni’s legacy of delivering cutting-edge solutions for content creators.

“The new Sport 200 is a game-changer. It features an extremely innovative aluminum profile and angular structure, which gives camera operators a sturdiness you simply cannot get from standard tripod tubes. The rigidity allows camera operators to be extremely precise in their movements – from whip pans to tracking players or objects,” explains Elisabetta Cartoni, President and CEO of Cartoni.

The new Sport 200 is built with duralumin as used in the aircraft industry and offers outstanding torsional rigidity with camera packages, up to 200 kg (441 pounds), in all possible large camera/lens configurations. Its innovative profile is angled and shaped to ensure maximum strength while weighing only 10.5 kg (23 lbs). Designed to withstand even the harshest weather conditions, the Sport 200 can endure severe weather conditions, rain, dust, moisture, and extreme temperatures.

Master 25, a do-it-all head
The Master 25, also to be showcased at IBC 2019, is a robust, yet lightweight fluid head designed to support the latest cameras complete with long lens, viewfinders, prompters and pan bar controls for new studio production as well as OB/ENG/EFP applications, with a payload capacity of up to 30 kg (66 lbs).

“The new Master 25 is the ultimate do-it-all head for ENG/EFP, studios and OB” explains Cartoni. “Not only is the Master 25 completely compatible with competitor legs and even camera plates, but it is also perfectly suited for the camera operators needs. That means the head can precisely track slow-moving objects and whip pan in an instant. The new Master 25 will be displayed in the classy Black & Gold design of the famed Cartoni C20/C40 heads of yesteryear and is also available in grey anodized aluminum.

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