IBC 2019: DVEO debuts multichannel IP video synchroniser

DVEO (stand 14.D24) is now shipping their new real-time Multi-Camera Synchroniser with IP inputs and outputs, which relies on time delaying IP transport streams.

The Multichannel Video Synchroniser is designed to time synchronise IP camera feeds to under 1 frame delay. This allows for feeding up to 50 Point of View cameras to a remote location where sports events directors can switch between any of the cameras and end up with seamless transitions between views. This capability will result in significant savings as now the directors of Sports Events can be remote and still have clear and beautiful camera transitions.

“We have revolutionised the way people will view sporting events with our ability to synchronise video from live events in an elegant way, that brings remote directors to the scene,” stated Laszlo Zoltan, CEO of DVEO. “We expect this great technology will be adapted by both live sports and eSports event producers.”

DVEO Multichannel Video + Audio Synchroniser: IP 1-50 CH is a Linux based 1 RU 19 inch Rack Mountable , Real Time, Multicamera synchroniser with IP inputs and outputs. Designed to allow directors to seamlessly switch between many cameras. This device is usually deployed back at the master control. The underlying technology is based on our ability to time delay IP transport streams. Delays from 1ms to seconds to hours, on each of the 50 camera feeds.

Multichannel Video Synchroniser is typically deployed back at master control. Here all camera feeds can be synchronised via remote GUI that can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection. The remote GUI also includes scheduling.

Users can synchronise up to 50 UDP camera streams from remote management from via Browser. This product has also been tested and is compatible with major brands of IP cameras.

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