IBC 2019: EEG Video to introduce Lexi Local and iCap Local

EEG Video (stand 14.B35) will debut two new closed captioning and subtitling solutions for broadcasters, content creators, and post-production professionals at IBC2019. This year’s convention will be held September 13-17 at RAI Amsterdam.

IBC2019 will see the debut of Lexi Local, the on-premises, off-the-cloud version of EEG’s automatic captioning and subtitling service, Lexi. Lexi Local delivers live automatic closed captions and subtitles in English and Spanish with more than 90% accuracy.

Organizations have a responsibility to make visual-based technologies, such as videoconferencing, accessible to all individuals. Organizations can use Lexi Local to safely and securely add captions and subtitles to internal meetings and events where proprietary information is discussed.

Customers currently use Lexi Local’s companion product, Lexi, to quickly and accurately provide captions and subtitles for live content. With Lexi Local, companies seeking elevated security and greater control over their data can receive the same level of performance and precision off the cloud.

In addition, IBC2019 will see the exhibition debut of iCap Local, a companion product to EEG’s industry-leading iCap cloud-based closed captioning and subtitling delivery network. iCap Local enables the deployment of iCap to a private, on-premises cloud for companies whose stringent internal security policies require this configuration.

iCap Local is optimal for video productions in the enterprise, government, and medical verticals that have been prevented from taking advantage of innovations in accessibility technology because of internal limitations on the use of public cloud services for highly confidential data.

iCap Translate, also on exhibit at IBC, a new automatic caption and subtitle translation service that enables real-time captioning and subtitling from English into multiple languages, making global reach easy and efficient for content creators, live event producers, and more. The latest AI-based application from EEG Cloud Services, iCap Translate allows users of EEG’s iCap cloud solution to instantly translate to and from English language captions and subtitles into as many as eight different languages. Available languages for iCap Translate are constantly expanding, and currently include English, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, German, Danish, and Maori.

After being delivered into an HD492 iCap encoder or iCap Falcon, the translated captions/subtitles can be derived from any source of first language data, including live stenographer captions/subtitles, users of Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) solutions such as EEG’s Lexi, pre-recorded captions/subtitles in the video, or teleprompters.

EEG will also demonstrate their live-streaming caption and subtitle encoder, iCap Falcon. Completely hardware-free, Falcon is the first and only cloud-hosted encoder to offer broadcast-style caption and subtitle embedding directly into live streaming video across all commercial video streaming platforms.

Recent additions to Falcon include an optional SSL encrypted input and output using RTMPS (Real-Time Messaging Protocol Secure), with HLS output also available. In addition, Falcon now provides simpler step-by-step setup of ingest and output streaming settings, with the ability to save an unlimited number of streaming settings profiles for repeated use. Additionally, live video player previews with captioning/subtitling are now available.

At IBC2019, EEG will also be showing iCap Alta, a fully virtualized captioning and subtitling solution for live IP video workflows. Alta has a flexible deployment model and can be delivered as a virtual machine, in the cloud, or as a software library for custom integration.

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