IBC 2019: FOR-A Hybrid IP/SDI systems to shine

In support of the many broadcasters still transitioning from traditional SDI to IP-based systems, FOR-A (stand 2.A51) at IBC 2019 will include hybrid IP/SDI products, such as: the USF-10IP IP Gateway, the SOM-100 media orchestration platform, and the MBP-1000VS-IP video server.

FOR-A has an array of production switchers, video servers, processors and test signal generators that support both 12G-SDI/4K and 3G-SDI/HD resolution. The company is a proponent of 12G-SDI technology as an ideal format for sports and other 4K productions, because it offers reliability, ease of operation and industry-standard interfacing.

One product that serves as a bridge between IP and baseband environments is FOR-A’s USF-10IP IP Gateway series. The USF-10IP series is a 10 GbE video-over-IP module series that offers high-quality conversion of any standard IP video format, including: SMPTE ST 2022-6/7 and SMPTE ST 2110. The unit also acts as a translator between SDI baseband and IP systems and is compatible with 4K UHD (2SI/SQD) and multi-format input/output video.

Available modules offered in this series include: the USF-10IP, which converts between IP formats; the USF-10IPSDI6-FS, which comes standard with one 12G-SDI input and one output, 2SI/SQD conversion, and offers simultaneous conversion of up to six inputs/outputs selectable with six streams; and the USF-10IPSDI12-FS module, which also comes standard with one 12G-SDI input and one output, as well as 2SI/SQD conversion, and offers simultaneous conversion of up to six inputs and six outputs, selectable with twelve streams. The USF-10IPSDI-6-FS and the USF-10IPSDI12-FS offer a TICO encoder/decoder. With this encoder/decoder, 12G-SDI 4K UHD uncompressed images can be compressed to TICO and processed via 10GbE network.

An integrated baseband/IP control and monitoring system, the SOM-100 is also designed based on hierarchical architecture using Ember+ for a flexible system configuration to be used in a mixed SDI/IP environment. It delivers seamless interoperability between baseband and IP equipment and traffic management. The SOM-100 provides operation of a variety of video equipment such as SDI/IP/RS422 routers, multi viewers, video processors, tally devices and button panels, and monitored centrally from its GUI.

At IBC 2019, the MBP-1000VS-IP IP video server, the ESG-4200 test signal generator, the MFR-3000 routing switcher, the USF-10IP-SDI6-FS IP gateway, the MV-1220 multi viewer, the Media Links MD8600 video gateway and the MDX4090 IP video switcher & router are controlled by the SOM-100 in a SDI/IP hybrid system.

SDI and IP routing switchers are managed as one routing switcher in a virtual group. The SOM-100 can execute routing system control and process control, so that it supports collective operational changes of multiple pieces of equipment and executes time reservation. The system also features a web interface for easy access from multiple computers.

A 12G-SDI/IP multi-channel video server, the MBP-1000VS series is ideal for 4K editing environments, offering multi-input/output 4K and HD support and ingest, playout and 4K recording functionality. FOR-A is offering a range of MBP-1000VS interfaces for 12G-SDI or video over IP transmission, including 12G-SDI, 3G-SDI, and SFP+, to accommodate varying user needs for inputs/outputs and size of internal storage (SSD). The MBP-1000VS-IP includes a SFP+ port for 10 Gbps video over IP I/O. It supports up to eight-channel MPEG-2 codec or four-channel 4K XVAC codec and can switch channels from encoding to decoding as needed. Supported formats for video over IP include SMPTE ST 2022-6 and ST 2110.

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