IBC 2019: Pliant enhances CrewCom, debuts new accessory products

At IBC 2019, Pliant has released its latest version of CrewCom that features enhanced firmware and software which now allows for increased RF coverage performance, adds several new useful features, and gives customers the ability to use multiple hub layers for a more efficient system deployment.

CrewCom’s new Fiber Hub (CHB‐8F) expands system capabilities for a more efficient system deployment by allowing up to eight fiber connections using included SFP‐based, single mode fiber modules along with a single RJ‐45 copper port to interface to existing CrewNetTM connections (available summer).

In addition to the latest CrewCom enhancements and additions, Pliant will also be showcasing the latest model of the SmartBoom LITE headset (PHS‐SBL11), which includes an improved dynamic noise‐ canceling microphone, an upgraded driver, and an updated ear pad for added stability and comfort (now shipping).

The SmartBoom PRO Headset Series (PHS‐SBP‐110 and PHS‐SBP‐210) has also been enhanced and feature an improved dynamic noise‐canceling microphone and reduced microphone housing with new windscreen for maximum wind noise reduction (now shipping).

The NEW FleXLR provides a simple, compact solution for connecting headsets to devices with non‐ matching 4 and 5 pin XLRs to provide added flexibility in headset choices and adds only 10mm when used. It’s the biggest little thing to help you work. The FleXLR is available in two models: PAC‐FLX‐45 (XLR‐4F to XLR‐5F) & PAC‐FLX‐44 (XLR‐4F to XLR‐4F) (available fall).

Pliant is also announcing the NEW Pliant Drop‐in Charger (PBT‐RPC‐66) that allows six Radio Packs plus six additional batteries to charge in the same device for effective battery management on location (available fall).

MicroComTM (PMC‐2400M) is Pliant’s new, full‐duplex, multiuser wireless intercom system that features solid range and performance at an affordable price. Available in both 2.4GHz and 900MHz (where available. 900MHz products only available in North America, Australia, and New Zealand), MicroCom provides single channel, full‐duplex, multi‐user intercom for applications where high‐quality audio, excellent range, and low‐cost are essential.

Compact and economical, MicroCom is ideal for houses of worship, videographers, corporate events, schools, and a wide array of other applications. The system features small, weather‐resistant lightweight beltpacks and provides excellent sound quality, ease‐of‐use, and long‐life battery operation. In addition, the SmartBoom series of Pliant headsets has now been expanded to include versions for use with MicroCom beltpacks. For those applications where budget and quality are critical, MicroCom, paired with a SmartBoom headset, is a cost‐effective professional intercom solution. Other MicroCom models and features will be forthcoming later this year. In addition, a wide range of flexible MicroCom headset options and accessories are also available.

The new IP65‐Rated Radio Transceiver (CRT‐2400‐65, CRT‐900‐65, CRT‐2400‐CE65, CRT‐900‐AN65) provides durability for use in applications that are subject to harsh outdoor environments (available fall).

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