IBC2023: Arri unveils modular SkyPanel X

Arri has launched SkyPanel X, an all-weather LED luminaire and the latest addition to the SkyPanel family. Introduced as a modular system and configurable into different sizes, SkyPanel X now offers native soft, native hard and open-face lighting.

SkyPanel X is said to connect advanced LED technology with unmatched flexibility, broadening possibilities for diverse applications and all existing workflows, addressing the extensive needs of studios, rental houses and corporate clients. It is tailored to the requirements and working dynamics of DPs, gaffers, console operators, lighting designers and broadcast technicians.

SkyPanel X provides superior low-end dimming with flicker-free operation from 100-0% for direct, close-distance key lighting. With a dynamic CCT range from 1,500 to 20,000K, the luminaire can emulate the characteristics of sodium lamps or cloudy sunlight. The RGBACL full-spectrum light engine features the best Arri lighting colour science to date, enhancing skin tones and achieving deep colour reproduction, according to the company.

Eight pixel zones per LED panel meet the requirements of advanced console programming, visual effects and virtual production environments. Engineered for maximum endurance and reliability, SkyPanel X is fully protected from rain, storms, or high-pressure jet cleaning, certified with IP66 rating for all weather conditions. This dramatically reduces the maintenance procedures and extends the lamphead’s lifecycle. It also offers wireless control, advanced networking possibilities and integrated power supply.

SkyPanel X is configurable into different formats (landscape, square, vertical), capable of generating wide-aperture soft light, powerful hard light, or intense open-face light. Multiple units can be combined via the X Modular Yoke, featuring Arri’s quick-lock system.

There are three front attachments available for SkyPanel X, which natively fit to one single unit: the X21 Dome for native soft light, the S60 adapter for all existing SkyPanel accessories, and the HyPer Optic for native hard light.

The X21 Dome – included with every lamphead – provides native soft light. It can be used close to talent, while at the same time giving perfect lighting from greater distances without losing a solid beam spread. The hot-swappable, rounded diffuser can be quickly mounted and dismounted from the lamphead’s front. The X21 Dome is fully compatible with third-party accessories and modifiers.

Via the optional S60 adapter, SkyPanel X users can apply the same techniques and choose accessories used on the classical SkyPanel line. Established SkyPanel workflows remain unchanged but are enhanced by the incorporation of the most recent lighting innovations.

The HyPer Optic – named after its high-performance lux output – is an optional, hot-swappable lens with eight individually controllable pixel zones that can be quickly mounted and dismounted from the X21 lamphead’s front. With the HyPer Optic, SkyPanel X becomes an excellent tool for medium and long throws and collimates multiple single lenses into one single beam.

With SkyPanel X’s modular setup, users can choose between, easily swap, or combine the X21 Dome and the HyPer Optic, creating a soft, semi-soft, semi-hard, or powerful native hard light.

The new Arri LiCo app will support direct remote communication via Bluetooth between SkyPanel X and mobile devices. The lighting settings can be directly adjusted via phone or tablet, just like the All-Weather Control Panel of the fixture. The app is free for iOS and Android devices and will be available soon at the App Store and Google Play Store.

For precise virtual lighting simulations, SkyPanel X offers a digital twin. This Arri-exclusive technology transforms cinematic lighting workflows from pre- to postproduction. Featuring 3D models, authentic characteristics and intuitive interfaces, it boosts efficiency, consistency and creativity in production environments.

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