IBC2023: TinkerList to debut Cuez

Tinkerlist is set to introduce its Cuez cloud-based rundown management system at IBC2023. This launch marks a significant shift in rundown creation and broadcasting automation in live studio shows, news, sports, esports and other live events in the media industry, according to the company.

Cuez unifies scripts, rundowns, assets, content and technical notes into a single, accessible platform, enabling production teams, both in technical and editorial roles, to collaborate effortlessly from anywhere, anytime, directly in the rundown.

Erik Hauters, founder of TinkerList.tv, explained: “As a director, I envisioned an environment where not only all participants of the editorial team and production crew can collaboratively create and adapt content during all stages of television production, but we also take media production to a whole new level by automating manual process as much as possible. Through an innovative, cloud-based approach, we aim to seamlessly integrate and sync all devices with your rundown via an open API. This ushers in a new way of working, where your workflow dictates what devices are being used, not the other way around.”

TinkerList.tv‘s achievements were selected as one of eight projects for this year’s IBC Accelerator Innovation Programme. The project, ‘Gallery Agnostic Live Media Production’, includes champions BBC, ITN, TRANSMIXR, Yle, and TV2 and together with Singular.live, Techex, Grass Valley, and ZIXI, empowers production teams to work device agnostic, gallery agnostic and hybrid.

Focused on the fast-paced demands of live-to-air broadcasting, the IBC Accelerator challenge aims to demonstrate how to decide and adapt the technical toolset needed for any given project at any given time while keeping the editorial producer workflow consistent and at the centre at all times and the user interface the same. This project emphasises the significance of standardised APIs for improved device interoperability.

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