id3as to launch Norsk low-code live streaming software development kit

id3as is set to release Norsk, its new low-code, high-power live streaming software development kit, at Streaming Media East in Boston this week.

Norsk empowers developers to build and deploy dynamic, custom live streaming solutions faster and more efficiently than ever before. The toolkit’s low-code approach reduces the complexity and time required to develop custom live streaming workflows, enabling users to focus on creativity and innovation. It’s designed for broadcasters, sports leagues, large enterprises – anyone who needs a robust live streaming platform custom-tailored to their own unique requirements.

Norsk’s simplified development process enables users to create customised live streaming solutions with just a few lines of code, while its rich streaming capabilities support low-latency, high-quality live streaming experiences, including picture-in-picture, HTML overlays and source switching. It is self-healing, so that if a server or cloud region fails, viewers won’t miss a thing. It can run on-prem or in the cloud, and supports as many concurrent live events as needed.

“Norsk represents a new approach to live streaming, one where developers don’t need to be experts in video technology to build dynamic, custom workflows,” said Dr Adrian Roe, CEO of id3as. “For instance, a simple RTMP to WebRTC converter requires only four lines of code, while a multi-camera switcher with SDI, SRT and TS inputs requires only eight lines of code. Your full-fledged media process is likely to be only dozens, or at most hundreds, of lines of simple-to-maintain code.”

Norsk is already being deployed by several partners, including Geißendörfer & Leschinsky, a systems integrator based in Germany that works with the country’s leading broadcasters. “We are best known for our tailor-made, multi-cloud, energy-efficient live streaming workflows,” says Alexander Leschinsky, co-founder and managing director at G&L, who likened the power of Norsk to that of Thor’s mythical hammer. “Norsk is the Mjölnir of our media processing pipelines and helps us to build quickly and reliably.”

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