Imagine Communications launches IP-enabled cloud playout platform

Imagine Communications introduced VersioCloud, an IP-enabled, integrated cloud playout platform. This  solution allows media companies to manage video operations and channel playout from the cloud, enabling them to accelerate new channel launches and extend their brands and content with more freedom, visibility, and control than ever before.

“Today’s video consumer has an increasing array of alternatives from linear TV and Over-the-Top sources, pressuring media companies to take aggressive action to maintain market share and keep viewers engaged with their content,” said Charlie Vogt, CEO of Imagine Communications. “VersioCloud’s disruptive new technology is the ultimate competitive advantage because it simplifies the creation and management of channels, advancing the monetization of content into new demographic or geographic markets. While other offerings are burdened by hardware CODECs or GPUs, VersioCloud is the industry’s only solution that is 100% software running on commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) IT platforms.”

With VersioCloud, all of the traditional integrated channel playout functions are now cloud-enabled, including branding, graphics, automation, and server capabilities.  Also available as part of the cloud playout solution, Imagine Communications’ newly announced Magellan SDN Orchestrator software control system and Selenio processing and compression solutions allow the transparent management of hybrid SDI, ASI, and IP content, providing a seamless on-ramp and off-ramp between IP and legacy baseband transport to advance the transition to IP.

Playout in the Cloud, enabled by VersioCloud, profoundly improves the interactions between content providers, distributors and networks, affiliates, and video consumers by redefining the technology required to originate, store, deliver and monetize video content.  The combination of cloud-based playout and hybrid transport enhances all parts of the broadcast business including improved visibility to optimize advertising playout, efficient methods of disaster recovery, fast channel creation to accommodate seasonal or one-time events, the expansion of brands and content into new markets and new geographies without requiring expensive brick-and-mortar facilities, and a pay-as-you-go Platform as a Service (PaaS) model to greatly lower the cost and time barrier to traditional methods of establishing linear and OTT channels.  By integrating VersioCloud with Imagine Communications’ Zenium workflow manager, media companies can easily design Playout in the Cloud workflows to suit their particular needs.

“Versio is an established leader in software-centric integrated channel playout, and VersioCloud represents the collective future of broadcasting because it unshackles media companies from the bonds of hardware-centric networks,” Tim Mendoza, VP of Product Development for Imagine Communications. “This industry-first solution is evidence of our significant focus on best-in-class innovations using the latest IP-enabled, cloud and software-defined frameworks to drive the industry into a new era of unprecedented flexibility, scalability and control.”

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