IBC 2023: Interra Systems unveils Baton 9.0

Interra Systems has introduced the latest version of its AI and ML-enabled automated QC platform, Baton 9.0. It features a new engine for enhanced performance, while offering support for new checks, formats and features. To complement these upgrades, Interra Systems’ Baton Media Player has also received performance and usability upgrades.

“Our Baton platform is constantly evolving, with new features and capabilities consistently added to stay ahead of the shifting media landscape,” said Sanjay Mittal, executive vice president, product development, Interra Systems. “Baton 9.0 represents a major leap forward for the platform in terms of performance, especially for those working with UHD content and Dolby Atmos. The end result is a better experience for users and more efficient workflows for our customers.”

Deployed globally by broadcast, cable, telco, satellite, IPTV, over-the-top, post-production and archiving companies working with file-based media, Baton provides quality and compliance checks for VOD content – in the cloud, on-premises, or as a hybrid solution – for linear and streaming workflows.

Yosuke Kaburagi, managing executive officer at Interra Systems partner Innotech Corporation, Japan, said: “We are thrilled with the introduction of Baton 9.0 and believe it is a groundbreaking solution in more ways than one – designed for scale and performance, and representing a new approach for streamlining workflows. This new version incorporates major enhancements that are set to transform the landscape of content QC and will dramatically enhance the throughput of handling large volumes of content, helping our customers to efficiently manage workflows.”

Sehun Yang, president and CEO at partner Namsung Traders, South Korea said: “Since adding Interra Systems’ Baton platform to our portfolio, it has proven to be a popular solution that many of our customers rely on to meet their QC requirements. We can’t wait to provide them with all the new enhancements and capabilities the latest version has to offer. With its faster performance ­– especially for UHD – new and improved audio and video quality checks, support for the latest formats, and a faster and sleeker media player, Baton 9.0 will take our customers’ media QC to the next level.”

With version 9.0, the platform has received a complete platform stack upgrade. A migration from Python 2.x to Python 3.x results in a more responsive interface, increased scalability, and service and resource optimisation, while a new Postgres DB and Django web framework simplifies database management. Baton 9.0 also offers performance enhancements for QC and analysis of UHD content, optimised IMF analysis, and optimised reading and downloads from S3 cloud.

In addition, enhanced video quality checks enable the detection and decoding of QR codes, video dropout, black bar, logo detection, burnt-in-text recognition and more. The enhanced platform offers complete support and checks for the Dolby Atmos ecosystem – including Atmos storage formats, native Dolby Atmos and cloud support for Atmos formats – and subtitles and transport stream formats. Baton 9.0 also features enhancements in audio quality checks, like Audio Silence, and improved support for formats including Redcode audio, DPX, and TIFF.

The upgraded Baton Media Player, which allows media professionals to play, inspect and verify audio and video content, now enables optimised playback of 4K content and further support for Dolby Atmos storage formats like AXS-R7, Redcode audio, .dng, and more options to review errors.

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