Jünger Audio intros newest additions of SLIM-LINE family to Euro market

Jünger Audio we will be showcasing the following products in Hall 10, Stand A49: D*AP4 VAP Edition, D*AP4 LM Edition, D*AP8 MAP Edition, D*AP8 CODEC Edition, D*AP8 TAP Edition, Compact 64, and C8000.

The new members of the SLIM-LINE family are the D*AP4 VAP Edition, the D*AP8 MAP Edition, and the D*AP8 CODEC Edition. Jünger Audio is proud to be demonstrating them for the first time in Europe at IBC2014.

The D*AP4 VAP Edition is a digital voice audio processor aimed at maximizing quality and consistency of vocal reproduction for dialog recording and post production applications. It’s a 1U rack mount device with a range of I/O options including high quality mic pre-amps, a web browser interface for set-up and control, and an optional remote panel.

A comprehensive dynamics section including upward and downward compressor, expander and soft limiter is joined by a mid/side matrix, phase rotator and de-esser. A traditional parametric EQ is also accompanied by an automated dynamic EQ process, Spectral Signature. By measuring the spectral content of an incoming voice and comparing it to a preset reference curve or “signature,” frequency based gain or attenuation is applied in real time to match the measured response to the stored reference.

When inserting additional dialog in post, this ensures an exact match with the original recordings and when recording a voice over for long form content or a feature movie, consistent voice tonal quality from session to session and day to day can be maintained.

The D*AP8 MAP Edition is a 1U rack mount device featuring 8 channels of audio DSP. Set up and control is through an intuitive Web Browser interface and there is an optional remote panel available.

It is firstly an audio monitoring controller that can accept inputs up to 7.1. Down-mix and full speaker control allow the auditioning of a mix where channels can be soloed, muted and re-matrixed.

Secondly it is also a loudness measuring device supporting all worldwide standards. Loudness and true peak levels can be displayed on the front or remote panel and with an optional software application, as a live plot and/or stored for future recall.

Finally, it is a Dolby toolset which can include decoding or encoding of all broadcast formats. The decoder includes metadata emulation which simulates the effect of metadata on the receiver without the latency of a real time encode/decode process.

Ideal for use in production facilities or OB units, the D*AP8 MAP Edition gives you the power to maximize the quality and performance of your audio mix.

As the newest addition to the D*AP family of 8 channel, 1RU rack mount Digital Audio Processors, the D*AP8 CODEC Edition is the perfect replacement for the range of recently discontinued Dolby “DP” series products.

2 I/O expansion slots allow SDI and/or Analog signals to be added to the on-board AES inputs, whilst a license option offers Upmix/Downmix and Fail Over functionality. As standard, the unit features decoding of Dolby E, D, D+ and PLII, along with Metadata Emulation to simulate the effect metadata parameters on the end-users decoder. Optional internal hardware cards can provide encoding of either Dolby E or Dolby D, D+, AAC and HE-AAC.

True peak limiting is a standard feature whilst the optional J*AM software allows full measurement and logging of loudness and maximum true peak values from any available input source. Set-up and control is via an intuitive web browser and for even more control, a remote panel with 8 configurable hotkeys can be specified.

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