KNR Greenland delivers Pan American Handball Championship with Make.TV

Cloud-based service provider Make.TV was selected by the Greenlandic Broadcasting Corporation (KNR) to enable it to cover 40 events during the Pan American Handball Championship earlier this month.

KNR showed live, broadcast quality footage of the tournament to millions of fans across the Americas for the first time.

KNR was the central production house for the tournament, delivering 1080p/50 live, digital terrestrial coverage to handball fans across both North and South America. Due to the unusual meteorological conditions and limited broadcast signal availability of the Arctic Circle, KNR decided to avoid relying on expensive satellite feeds and inflexible hardware commonly used for live sports events.

Instead, the corporation opted for an outside broadcast production infrastructure combined with Make.TV’s Live Video Cloud, a complete cloud-based infrastructure for content acquisition and curation, to collect and manage transmissions from professional cameras directly in the cloud. These live feeds were then transmitted to KNR’s facilities where the production team could select the best segments to air in Greenland and abroad, on TV or to specific devices and platforms, such as YouTube or a dedicated mobile app.

Kim Larsen, Head of TV at KNR, said: “Despite boasting a community of engaged fans all around the world, handball doesn’t get the air time and budgets of baseball, basketball, hockey or soccer. Traditionally, these passionate fans would not be able to watch their favourite sport and would instead rely on poor quality feeds on social media, or perhaps just read the results. This is a huge missed opportunity, and we are proud to work with Make.TV to give fans across both continents broadcast quality live coverage of the championship.“

“Traditionally, coverage of an event of this size, transmitted to viewers across 23 countries and two continents, would have proved expensive, time-consuming and extremely complex. KNR is showing that live sports can engage audiences in ways that have never been seen before,” added Andreas Jacobi, CEO at Make.TV.

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