L-S-B to highlight customisable control and monitoring system

L-S-B Broadcast Technologies will be showcasing their fully customisable control and monitoring solution VSM. In hall 8, stand B35 the company will demonstrate how flexible and reliable the VSM system works in all relevant application areas in broadcasting – from live production to studios, MCR applications, remote production, and outside broadcast.

Real workflows and application examples will be used to demonstrate VSM in three thematic areas (live studio production, master control room, and mobile production). L-S-B’s pioneering IP routing technologies and solutions will also come under the spotlight. L-S-B’s technology ensures customers have a seamless transition to IP based production environments. A special section of the stand enables you to see first-hand initial examples of this pioneering technology.

Live Studio Production
In the area of live studio production, the VSM system demonstrates how flexible and reliable it is when used in individual studios or studio complexes. The fact that the controller is independent from 3rd party hardware manufacturers is a precondition for using existing resources in studio complexes.

By packaging resources in a virtual environments (boxing), VSM secures an efficient use of technology and manpower. Complete workflows and productions can be preconfigured, saved, easily retrieved and transferred between studios with a single button push. The ability to switch over productions quickly including all relevant setups and workflows is of vital importance particularly in the case of critical equipment failure.

Master Control Room
For this application the VSM opens up a wide-ranging of control and monitoring possibilities. With its server cluster structure VSM provides maximum failure safety. In a real to life environment L-S-B shows, amongst other things, automatic signal management, whereby the signals are assigned to a pool of available devices. Any glue-equipment that might be used, such as frame synchronisers or format converters are automatically incorporated into the signal path. If one of the devices fails, signals are automatically re-assigned to other available devices and the defective device will be marked and excluded from this automated process.

Mobile Production
Mobile production primarily involves the use of VSM in OB vans, SNGs, or flight packs. The challenges faced here include short set-up times and reliability in daily operation under constantly changing conditions. With VSM the production teams are able to meet these challenges perfectly on site. System- wide, global snapshots to enable the recall of reoccurring set- ups are one aspect of implementation. Similarly VSM has a built-in sophisticated Tally and signalisation logic, so there is no further need for an external Tally system. Centralised labeling simplifies and speeds up the workflows. With its new “Drag & Drop” functionalities for routing and configuration, VSM reduces set-up times and sets new standards in speed and ease of use.

IP Routing
As IP infrastructure becomes increasingly prevalent in broadcasting facilities, the associated separation of signal and infrastructure makes workflows more flexible and provides a wide range of benefits. Our expanded VSM IP routing core and the control of media converters, such as the Lawo V_Link4, makes it possible to route and control signals in IP networks. On L-S-B’s stand, the company will showcase the first applications and prototypes in the field of IP routing and demonstrate how its technology safeguards the investments made by customers and secures their transmission capability as they move into the IP world.


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