Leader adds MaxFALL/CLL HDR metadata error logging to ZEN Series

Leader Electronics has announces the addition of MaxFALL and MaxCLL HDR metadata error logging tools for production studios, post production suites and media laboratories working with SMPTE ST.2086 metadata to grade high dynamic range video.

This new feature complements the recently launched SER31 Colorimetry Zone Display ‘real-time’ false-colour display plug-in module. It is fully compatible with Leader ZEN series broadcast test and measurement instruments which comprise the LV5300, LV5350 and LV5600 waveform monitors plus the LV7300 and LV7600 rasterizers.

With this enhancement, Leader ZEN series instruments allow operators to ensure that the MaxFALL and MaxCLL HDR metadata accurately reflect the content of their productions by specifying limits for MaxFALL and MaxCLL values. The integral Cinelite Advanced light meter can be used to locate out-of-range pixels and confirm their values both on the picture display and on the waveform monitor.

The SMPTE ST.2086 (Mastering Display Colour Volume Metadata Supporting High Luminance and Wide Colour Gamut Images) standard specifies the metadata used to define the color primaries, white point, and luminance range of a display used in mastering HDR video content. It includes information such as MaxFALL (Maximum Frame Average Light Level) and MaxCLL (Maximum Content Light Level) static values, encoded as SEI messages within the video stream.

MaxCLL defines the maximum light level, in nits, of any single pixel within an encoded HDR video stream or file. It should be measured during or after mastering. If content is kept within the MaxCLL of a display’s HDR range and a hard clip is set for light levels beyond the display’s maximum value, the display’s maximum CLL can be used as the MaxCLL metadata value.

MaxFALL Metadata – Maximum Frame Average Light Level – defines the maximum average light level, in nits, for any single frame within an encoded HDR video stream or file. MaxFALL is calculated by converting the digital value of each frame into its corresponding nits value and averaging those values.

MaxFALL/CLL error logging is available as a free download to Leader customers with the SER23 HDR software license. It is part of the v4.6 firmware update and can be accessed via the MyLeader web-site.

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