Leader Introduces new features for LV5333 waveform monitor

Leader has announced a major expansion to the feature set of its LV5333 compact 3G/HD/SD-SDI waveform monitor with the addition of measurement facilities for BT.2020 colour space and Full Range Video. Also being introduced is the LV5333SER02 HDR option. Previewed at the April 2017 NAB Show in Las Vegas and now deliverable, this enables the LV5333 to measure HD HDR and 2SI 4K in ITU.BT.2100 Hybrid Log Gamma, Dolby PQ or Sony Slog-3 protocols.

“With the advent of 4K digital cinematography and UHD television, production companies have been introduced to the wider colour space of BT.2020,” says Leader’s European Regional Development Manager, Kevin Salvidge. “BT.2020 accommodates approximately 75.8% of the CIE 1931 colour chart, considerably more than the BT.709 colour space that the broadcast industry had been using previously. The LV5333 now allows producers to ensure that their content makes full use of the new wider colour space.”

Full Range Video has until recently been the preserve of digital cinematographers. High-end editing and grading systems have the capability of switching between Legal Range, as used for television production and Full Range. With the addition of Full Range Video support, the LV5333 portable waveform monitor is now ideal both for television and cinema production.

The LV5333 is now HDR agnostic. Available as an option, Leader’s CINEZONE real-time false colour display, has been enhanced to support false colour display of high dynamic range images, supporting PQ, HLG  Slog-3. The waveform display now supports PQ scales of 4000, 1000, 400 & 100 cd/m², as well as 800% and 500% for HLG.

“An increasing number of television production companies are working with log-based curves for production on Arri, Canon and Sony camcorders, ” Kevin Salvidge adds. “Production staff who are more familiar with BT.709 type gamma production can be confused when they see what appears to incorrectly exposed images. The addition of Sony Slog-3, Canon C-Log and Arri Log-C support in the LV5333 now allows production staff to monitor and correct log based content quickly and easily, irrespective of which HDR cameras from these companies is being used.

Compatible with over 20 HD-SDI/SD-SDI formats, the Leader LV5333 is designed for deployment in studios or technical areas, or attached to a camera tripod. The integral 6.5 inch XGA TFT LCD screen can also be used to display video signal waveform, vectorscope or the video image. CINELITE, CINEZONE, histogram, gamma display, gamut and level error display functions are included as standard.

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