Masstech offers temp licenses for expanded storage

Masstech Innovations, the cloud media and content management technology firm, is providing temporary licenses to customers who need to expand their storage capacity during the coronavirus crisis.

Speaking to SVG Europe, Savva Mueller, vice president of product management, said: “We understand that everyone is making operational adjustments to deal with the working conditions that have arisen from the COVID-19 pandemic. Masstech is here to provide assistance to our customers as they deal with this situation.

“We have put procedures in place to provide temporary licenses to any customers who need to expand their storage capacity either on-premise or in the cloud. Most importantly, we want everyone to stay safe and healthy through this difficult time.

The move dovetails with Masstech’s remote working home options, he said.

“With live sports postponed for the moment, sports media organizations are relying on their archives even more than normal. We have several options to give users working from home access to their Masstech archives, as well as complete cloud-hosted storage management solutions for anyone producing content remotely.”

Masstech’s mission is to help organisations get the most from their video assets, automating smart asset movement and transformation across cloud and other storage tiers to ensure maximum operational efficiency for all video creators, processors and distributors.

Its products include the Kumulate intelligent content storage and lifecycle management platform.

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