Media Power has the News Touch

News Touch is the innovative multimedia touch-based IT system created by Media Power, which delivers cost-effective multitouch technologies combined with a 3D graphics engine and HD broadcast support.

News Touch is suitable for coverage of sports and news/press cuttings on live TV, but also on the web and to provide a system of electronic whiteboard presentation for situations such as sporting events or the weather, where there is a need to provide a graphic overlay, specific images or even video elements.

Thanks to News Touch’s advanced graphics capabilities it also enables the user to playout video clips and comment on them ‘graphically‘ using a variety of drawing tools customised for the user profile and able to be instantly recalled. Text, graphics, images and multimedia content can be viewed live or saved to your local disk before the event to ensure smooth access to web content.

Provided natively for HD-SDI and HDMI, News Touch incorporates all the functionality of mixer video, interactive graphics, web videos and much more. Vis IP may be managed for secondary external events, using an array dedicated video with up to a maximum of 16 inputs (4 standard).

News Touch, says Media Power, does not require installation and training expense, and can be used by simply connecting to the LAN and the video matrix.

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