Mobovivo second screen plan for World Cup 2014

Mobovivo is working with Fortune 500 TV networks, media companies, and brands in 10 countries to develop mobile experiences in five languages for World Cup 2014. Countries and regions include US, Brazil, UK, Germany, Mexico, Spain, Indonesia and various other countries in South East Asia.

The second screen experience being offered to Mobovivo customers’ TV audiences focuses on editorial, gamification and social content delivered in realtime to enhance the TV viewing experience. Mobovivo focuses mobile devices to complement TV viewing.

“TV replacement is a serious risk with some digital approaches to the World Cup,” said Trevor Doerksen, CEO & Founder. “TV viewers will look from their TV to their smartphone and tablet billions of times during the World Cup — the key is to engage viewers without them turning off or tuning out the TV.”

Given the popularity of mobile devices, heads up hands down TV may be the best broadcasters and brands can hope for. NBC reported that more than 50% of TV audiences also consumed Olympics content on second screens — things like smartphone and tablets — during the 2014 Winter Olympics.

Studies show that as many as 86% of TV viewers are distracted by their mobile devices an average of 22 times per hour. Data collected during UEFA 2014 Champions League games reveal that editorial content is the #1 choice of second screen content for TV viewers to consume while watching a game.

This in-game and sometimes behind the scenes editorial content is followed in popularity by video replays then voting in polls about the game and finally

social sharing and game banter. NBC reported that 1% of its TV viewers sent out a tweet during the 17 day 2014 Winter Olympics.

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