Movicom’s Robycam expands to Spain with Up Films

Up Films Imagen Aerea has announced it is to bring Robycam to Spain, after TVE network introduced a new morning show with a different feel that required new production options.

The producers of ‘La Hora de la 1’ and Up Films needed a system that would provide production value in the small space of Prado del Rey’s existing Studio 1 and also would not take up a lot of room. After looking at what’s available on the market, Up Films chose to go with Movicom’s Robycam compact cable-suspended camera system.

Victor Pakhomov, chief executive officer at Movicom, commented: “We are very excited to partner with Up Films Imagen Aerea and bring Robycam to Spain. We value this opportunity to introduce the system to a high-level TV production in studio space and, of course, to welcome the UP Films crew to the Robycam family.”

The system’s set-up features a specially-designed smaller camera dolly and smaller winches for moving the camera dolly through space. These can be placed in out-of-the-way areas of the studio thus making the least possible impact on the footprint of the studio. The system also features an extremely shallow drop angle of only 4.5 degrees, allowing it to work in low ceiling environments.

Despite its smaller size, the system has full positional tracking and camera data compatibility with all major augmented reality graphics systems, like Vizrt which is what TVE chose to use for ‘La Hora de la 1’. This combination allows not only pre-programed moves in the studio space which can be repeated and intercut with regularity, but also any kind of AR graphics can be ‘dropped’ into the 3D space of the studio to enhance the visual environment.

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