NAB 2013: Camera Corps to showcase RF Q-Ball

The new RF Q-Ball is a complete wireless remote camera system which can be installed quickly and easily in practically any location. Due to be showcased at NAB in April, the system will initially be available for rental.

Q-Ball is an ultra-compact remotely-controlled camera with integral 10-times zoom optical lens and smooth-accelerating pan/tilt motors. Housed in a robust 4.5 inch diameter aluminium sphere, it has a 2 megapixel CMOS sensor and is capable of operating in daylight or infra-red illumination. Q-Ball delivers 1080i/720p high definition or 625/525 standard definition at 50 or 59.94 Hz refresh rates.

Laurie Frost, MD of Camera Corps, comments: “Many of our hire service customers are keen to use wireless remote cameras as part of their outside broadcast activity. The advantages are obvious but so is the complexity for anyone trying to assemble a practical system from multiple sources. RF Q-Ball is uniquely reliable and easy to operate. It comprises an HD-SDI transmitter, control data receiver, batteries and camera, all in one very compact and portable unit. Like the Q-Ball head itself, the entire system is highly robust. The RF Q-Ball system gives the operator full control of pan, tilt, zoom and focus, capturing broadcast quality video plus four channels of embedded audio. Transmission range is more than a mile from the camera, depending on the terrain.”

Jim Daniels, technical director of Camera Corps, adds: “The pan/tilt/zoom camera head mounts directly onto the transceiver or can optionally be linked via up to 100 feet of cable. Four audio channels can be embedded into the HD-SDI feed. The camera head and RF link may be powered for up to four hours from the transceiver’s internal battery. This can be extended to eight hours by attaching an Anton Bauer battery on an external Gold mount or switching to an auxiliary 12 to 18 volt direct-current supply. Switching between these power sources is seamless. Power can be switched on or off remotely.”

Up to 96 cameras can be operated through a single data transmitter attached to a standard Camera Corps RCP remote control panel or Joystick panel. The entire system is waterproofed for use in all weather, on land or at sea. Antennas may be coupled via extension cables if required. Existing Q-Ball, Q-Ball Pre-Set or HD MiniZoom camera heads can be integrated into the system without modification.

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