NAB 2023: MRMC to launch new studio and sports production solutions

Mark Roberts Motion Control (MRMC), a Nikon company, is to present its largest-ever product lineup at NAB 2023. The company will use the event as the launch pad for three new products on stand C5325: Polymotion Relay, a sports circuit-based tracking solution; the Light Lift System; and the AJS-2 auto-jib for enhanced live content capture production. In addition, an enhanced version of the virtual production experience Unreal Ride returns to the company’s Motion Control stand in the central lobby (L1) in partnership with Vū to wow visitors following its success last year.

Assaff Rawner, CEO of MRMC, said: “We are excited to be part of the 100th NAB show with the biggest ever presence in our company’s history. Our broadcast solutions stand will be split into two key focus areas: Studios and Sports; with dozens of demonstrations and opportunities to network with our team of experts. We will be introducing Slidekamera by MRMC products for the first time to NAB audiences. We’re also delighted to see delegates playing at being a director by taking our virtual production experience Unreal Ride to the next level.”

NAB will host the worldwide launch of Polymotion Relay, a cost-effective, single-operator, multi-camera control solution for circuit-based sports. Driven by a computer vision engine, Polymotion Relay makes multicam production and control simple. Set up to follow the layout of a track at a predefined speed, one operator can use Polymotion Relay to manage all camera angles, making adjustments where needed to speed and framing, while the system makes intelligent modifications on-the-fly.

Complementing Polymotion Relay, for a complete, dynamic, scalable and automated production, is the Polymotion Player range of products. Polymotion Player is an automated camera-follow-camera control that allows the operator to remain focused on capturing key action shots through Camera One. Polymotion Player+ is an automated real-time player tracking software solution that uses computer vision technology to dynamically adjust the framing of the subject and follows players on the field of play. MRMC will also be showing Polymotion Remote+ which allows for remote multi-camera control from a single interface.

From the broadcast studio side, MRMC will be highlighting two new products. The AJS-2 auto-jib is the perfect solution for enhancing shots of live content. It can be deployed with either a PTZ or a robotic head and controlled manually, through 2 degrees of semi-automation or through full automation. It can be operated as a manual jib, or through a hybrid of manual and automation where the motion paths are defined but the head or PTZ can be controlled by an operator remotely or using presets.

It captures smooth ’on-air’ movement and repeatable moves with a modular design that is said to be quick to set up and quiet and smooth to operate. It is suitable for over-arching shots of crowds and live audiences or where users simply want some elevation or interesting movement.

The LLS-1 Light Lift System expands MRMC’s PTZ enablement solutions by adding a vertical lift. For optimum flexibility, the LLS-1 has floor, wall or ceiling mounting options available. With a range of height configurations, it can comfortably capture sitting and standing shots using the floor-based option.

Visitors will also have the chance to see the Studiobot XL – a 9-axis robotics system that offers visual creativity to traditional dolly systems; and the AFC-100 robotic head which moves at up to 100° per second.

MRMC will also be demonstrating an advanced new feature of its MHC software that creates virtual teleportation.This allows users to seamlessly bring remote talent into the shot or studio while maintaining camera motion, effectively creating one camera shot in two locations using IP-controlled robotics. The synchronised movement of the two cameras paired with the subjects being able to move naturally makes the illusion hyper-realistic, according to MRMC.

Additionally, on the stand, visitors will be able to see MRMC’s full range of broadcast products which include pan bars, PTA-1 and PTA2, Arc360 PTZ and Robotic pod which will house a Nikon Z-9 as well as the Robotic POD-M2 for broadcast cameras which has built-in climate control. Nikon USA will also be part of the stand showcasing the Z9 full-frame mirrorless camera and other camera models, lenses and accessories.

NAB 2023 will be the first opportunity for attendees to see Slidekamera’s products integrated with MRMC solutions. The addition of Slidekamera into the MRMC fold offers producers and videographers an expansive range of motion robotics that permit creative high-precision shots with even simple robotic cameras. Visitors can meet the Slidekamera by MRMC team and see the Titan Slider, Atlas Slider, Curved rail, and the full range of robotics heads in action, such as the Heavy Bullhead that is capable of housing a 20kg payload camera. 

Finally, MRMC is teaming up once again with Vū Studios for another show-stopping virtual production activation. The Unreal Ride 2023 takes the experience up another level by adding greater control. Visitors will be able to make decisions that materially affect a ride’s scene. Building on the theme of 100 years of NAB, they will be able to select the environment in which the ride takes place – 100 years into the past or the future. Based on their decisions, MRMC will combine the physical and the virtual worlds live and capture it all using motion control to create a unique video for guests to take away and share on their social channels. This video includes the final camera output and a BTS perspective of how it was captured. Unreal Ride 2023 will be captured by the high-speed cinema robot Bolt X Cinebot with moves programmed in the industry-standard Flair software integrated with Unreal Engine.

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