NAB 2023: Newsbridge to demo AI and cloud innovations

At the 2023 NAB Show, Newsbridge will highlight its new AI- and cloud-based solutions for media asset indexing and archiving. Newsbridge provides broadcasters, TV channels and sports rightsholders with fast, efficient and scalable solutions for the ingest, storage, management and monetisation of content.

“A major challenge broadcasters face is being able to quickly find specific video footage,” said Philippe Petitpont, co-founder and CEO at Newsbridge. “We’re excited to show our latest AI indexing technology and other innovations that will drastically improve the quality of automatic indexing while making live and archived content indexing at scale a business reality. This in turn makes media companies’ assets easily searchable and reusable, unlocking new revenue streams.”

Key highlights at NAB will include new AI technology for higher quality and more efficient media asset indexing. Newsbridge will launch and demo an AI technology for media asset indexing that it says achieves new levels of precision, speed and scalability, enabling users to index vast amounts of content in record time.

The company will also introduce a new AI detection feature to its existing capabilities (i.e., people, logos, objects, patterns, speech and scenes). The new location-based search feature will enable producers, journalists and media managers to pull up the exact shots they need in less than two seconds.

Newsbridge’s Cloud Media Hub solution will be at the heart of the company’s technology demonstrations at the 2023 NAB Show. Cloud Media Hub enables broadcasters and sports rightsholders to centralise, auto-index and work with media assets in the cloud without changing their existing ecosystem.

The modular and scalable product line-up will be on display, including: Just Index; Media Hub; Live Asset Manager; and Media Marketplace.

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