Nanocosmos releases Nanostream Cloud update with a focus on QoS and QoE

Nanocosmos has unveiled the latest innovations to its Nanostream Cloud live streaming solution. Nanostream Cloud release 2022 serves a wider range of interactive use cases than before while still covering increased requirements for businesses to provide streaming which is in line with their business goals.

Along with simple white-label integration and compliance with international legal regulations like GDPR, Nanostream Cloud 2022 offers a new level of virtual interaction with large audiences around the world. The enhanced version of the well-established combination of global network (CDN), browser-based player and analytics enables sub-second live streaming with higher quality of service and quality of experience.

To adapt to recent demands and use cases, the enhanced Nanostream Player enables sub-second latency, yet stability for even bad networks on all devices, anywhere in the world, based on its adaptive bitrate (ABR) technology. It also now offers easier integration into custom applications with REST API, Javascript or IFrames, and advanced technology for ultra-low latency playback that enables interactivity.

Additionally introduced features of the nanoStream Player include a new user-focused interface with a modern design as well as easy configuration. The most significant improvement on the player’s side, according to Nanocosmos, is the technology to further reduce latency and to improve the overall quality of service as well as the quality of experience which now depends on use case and its specific set-up. The new player identifies the regularity of the stream and adapts its configuration according to the device and network environment. Two modes can be used: latency adjust mode or latency control mode.

Since the demand for real-time live streaming platforms that enable interactivity on mobile devices started, Nanocosmos has been heavily engaged in serving businesses to enable audience engagement around the world. Content security and secure live streaming are top priorities for its product development. Stream protection against misuse is an integral part of Nanostream Cloud. It can detect streaming irregularities based on factors such as the time a stream runs. To avoid hijacking of streams a new security service included in Nanostream Cloud checks suspicious access and detects irregularities like usage and timing. Nanostream Cloud is created with security and encryption enabled by default. It supports secure access and REST APIs, content encryption, secure access with web hooks and token-based access for certain application scenarios.

To provide customers with greater insight into their live streaming data and to allow them to make the right decisions quickly, Nanocosmos has launched extended Nanostream Analytics, available as an add-on of Nanostream Cloud. The new release covers a range of features and improvements in regard to the client-focused API that was introduced with Nanostream Analytics 2.11. For monitoring and alerting purposes, it is now possible to directly access metrics about the ingested video and audio bitrate.

Next to the improved latency and new features for better quality of service and viewer experience, new industry standards are served by the following add-ons that have been added to Nanostream Cloud: WHIP for WebRTC based ingest and SRT protocol to better support professional broadcast environments and remote ingest locations.


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