Net Insight and Bambuser announce partnership for remote production

Net Insight and Bambuser have confirmed a partnership to offer a remote production solution, where mobile and professional TV cameras can be combined to create simple, seamless and cost-effective multi-camera live productions.

Combining Net Insight’s leading internet contribution platform, the Nimbra VA series, with Bambuser’s mobile live streaming platform is said to drastically lower the cost of streaming live events. This cost-efficient design enables new opportunities for live broadcasting and opens up for new types of content to be created and distributed.

“Associated Press (AP) looks forward to harnessing this new solution to make multi-camera live broadcasting of major news, sports and entertainment events seamless, compelling and cost effective, regardless of whether the content is shot in real time on a phone camera or a heavyweight TV camera,” said Sandy Macintyre, VP news at Associated Press. “Linking Bambuser’s and Net Insight’s streaming technologies together provides news organizations with an economically viable opportunity to bring viewers more angles on the stories shaping the 21st century.” Associated Press (AP) is an investor in Bambuser as well as a customer.

“Bringing together fixed and mobile contribution is key to producing greater stories while lowering the operational complexity of doing so,” said Maryam Ghahremani, CEO at Bambuser.

“The partnership shows the agility and value of how modern contribution technology in the Nimbra product line, together with Bambuser’s production and streaming platform, can enable richer storytelling for live news production and extends on our remote production capabilities,” said Henrik Sund, interim CEO at Net Insight.

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