Net Insight launches Trust Boundary Appliance to secure IP media investment

Net Insight has launched a market-first, easy-to-integrate appliance to solve common challenges within IP media networking. The Trust Boundary Appliance provides an ‘all-in-one’ way of safeguarding IP media transport across networks. The product is said to deliver the capabilities broadcasters, production companies and enterprises require to make their use of IP media seamless, secure and cost-efficient.

Described as the first security and control point in the market that is specifically designed for capacity up to 40Gbps, the Trust Boundary Appliance contains Net Insight IP Media Trust Boundary technology in an off-the-shelf, cost-effective and easy-to-use device. As such, it removes the need to deploy generic costly IT firewalls and solutions that are not fit for purpose for any organisation moving video over IP. The solution delivers greater security at a lower cost than a traditional firewall because it enables IP media to pass through a Real-Time Transport Protocol (RTP) media proxy.

The Trust Boundary Appliance terminates a media flow at the network boundary and re-establishes it at the destination network, without disrupting other active IP media flows. In this way, it prevents outages and security risks, including hijacking and spoofing, while preserving the integrity of established flows. The solution enables the monitoring and assurance of the IP media payload as it passes between networks with ETR 101/290 P1 performance metrics, frozen frames and audio silence.

“Broadcasters and production companies’ transition to IP is hindered by the complexity of connecting different media domains while maintaining media secure,” said Crister Fritzson, CEO at Net Insight. “With the launch of the Trust Boundary Appliance, we address these fundamental challenges, giving customers full control over their networks. With our single open platform that integrates with any IP media network, Net Insight leads the way in industry standardisation, continuing our effort of making the transition to IP truly simple, seamless and secure.”

The Trust Boundary Appliance is the newest addition to Net Insight’s Trust Boundary offering, that already includes products reaching 100Gbps applications.

“The Trust Boundary Appliance simplifies the installation and configuration for Trust Boundary application to manage the edge between different network domains, such as studio and operator, to secure IP media operations,” said Christer Bohm, vice president product management at Net Insight. “It gathers all needed IP media address translation, monitoring, traffic control and security functions into one product simplifying IP media operation using technologies such as ST2110, 2022, and NMOS.”

The product is the first solution implementing features from SMPTE RP2129 and delivers several mission-critical features in one single platform, such as real-time media firewall, IP media monitoring, media protection, traffic control and flow replication.

It comes pre-loaded with functions removing the complexity of non-media-specific solutions, and can be deployed in combination with any enterprise firewall to deliver carrier-grade media capabilities to media and enterprise industry players.

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