New member companies continue to join the AIMS Alliance

Broadcast Solutions joined AIMS at NAB 2016. Left to right: Tina Lipscomb (AIMS Administrator), Rainer Kampe (CTO Broadcast Solutions)

Broadcast Solutions joined AIMS at NAB 2016. Left to right: Tina Lipscomb (AIMS Administrator), Rainer Kampe (CTO Broadcast Solutions)

During the months of July, August and into September, over 15 new member companies joined AIMS, including Canon, Ciema, Gefel, Harman, LiveU and tcp. Formed last December, to promote the adoption of an open-standards approach in transitioning to IP-based broadcast and video production workflows, the summer membership surge saw the alliance pass its 50th member milestone in just eight months.

The latest new member companies represent a wide diversity of global broadcast and related IT disciplines and activities; including imaging and information technologies, digital optical network transport solutions, live IP video solutions, broadcast production and facilities services, broadcast equipment manufacturing and professional audio systems design and manufacturing.

Canon is a multinational corporation and among the world’s largest and leading providers of professional imaging and information technologies. In a statement on becoming a member of the alliance the company said, “Canon has joined AIMS because Canon agrees completely with AIMS’s goal, to accelerate open technical standards for the purpose of transitioning from SDI to IP.”

Ciena Corporation, a US-based global supplier of IP networking solutions for the delivery and transport of voice, video and data services for broadband and telecommunications service providers, stated, “We are pleased to join the AIMS alliance and believe in its open-standards approach. With our expertise in optical, Ethernet and network automation, we specialise in unlocking the network’s potential to maximize its capabilities and the many ways the network contributes to business objectives during this period of transition to a virtualised media environment.”

Harman Professional Solutions is the world’s largest professional audio, video, lighting and control products and systems company. Its systems solutions include enterprise automation and complete IT solutions for a broad range of applications. The company’s roster of internationally renowned brands encompass all aspects of broadcast, studio, live, cinema and installed sound. The company was among the earliest commercial adopters of audio networking technology, with products like BSS Soundweb and HiQnet.

LiveU is a US-based international leader in high-quality and reliable live video acquisition, management and distribution over IP. The company’s award-winning technology enables live, wireless video transmission from any location around the world with lightweight, easy-to-use equipment, as well as extensive cloud-based management and video distribution solutions.

tpc is a leading broadcast service provider in Switzerland. A broadcast production company and technology and production facilities provider and consultancy, tpc is responsible for production and technology for television, radio and multimedia for Swiss Radio and Television SRF, as well as providing production services, technology and consultancy to the independent sector.

On joining AIMS, the company issued a statement saying, “tpc, as the leading provider for broadcast production and beyond in Switzerland, has joined AIMS because we think that it is very important not only to have supplier companies but also users in the alliance. We have several projects in the pipeline over the next three years (including a large OB van, a master switching room, a playout center and postproduction facility) and we think that IP technology is the only future proof solution for these challenges.”

AIMS’ efforts are focused on promoting the adoption, standardisation, development and refinement of open protocols for media over IP, with an initial emphasis on VSF TR-03 and TR-04, SMPTE 2022-6 and AES67. Broadcasters and other media companies are seeking to leverage IP to increase the flexibility of their networks, help streamline workflows and improve agility to better compete in a rapidly evolving ecosystem. Open standards are the key to protecting current investments and ensuring long-term interoperability.

The AIMS bylaws provide specific guidance to members and to the media industry via the AIMS Roadmap. The organization endorses an IP transition plan that includes support for SMPTE 2022-6, AES67, VSF recommendations TR-03 and TR-04, and AMWA NMOS IS-04.

A number of solutions are already on the market to help media companies begin the transition by introducing IP components to an SDI workflow. The transition represents a significant investment and will not happen overnight. An open standards approach allows media companies to implement the technology over time and transition at the pace that makes sense for their businesses.

Membership in AIMS is available to all individuals and companies that support open standards and share a commitment to the group’s founding principles.

For more about the importance of open standards and interoperability in the broadcast and media industry, visit the alliance website at and download the Alliance for IP Media Solutions’ white paper “An Argument for Open IP Standards in the Media Industry.

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