NewsTouch goes Mobile

MediaPower’s flagship NewsTouch for professional broadcast presentation now supports Microsoft Surface Pro 2 as a mobile input device. NewsTouch is MediaPower’s standalone appliance dedicated to the live production of press clippings, web content, and recorded and live media files in the studio. It is a touch-based, multimedia presentation system for a live broadcasting environment.

Using an electronic multitouch board, comments, markings, indications or drawings can easily be added to images, videos, or web pages, making it an extremely useful solution for shows like sports, weather forecasts, or news. Due to its easy to use interface and drawing tools, the journalist or anchorman is given more control of a news programme or presentation, independent of a production crew.

Since it was introduced in 2013, NewsTouch only supported touchscreen monitors in the studio directly connected to the NewsTouch server.  Now with support for professional tablets starting with Microsoft Surface Pro 2, NewsTouch is more flexible and convenient to use.  By using a Surface Pro 2, journalists or news anchors can now freely move around during their presentations.  Some news anchors are also already used to using tablets in their news reports, thereby making it easier for them to adopt NewsTouch as another one of their tools in delivering compelling and dynamic reports.

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