NewTek introduces 3Play 425

Newtek's MINI LiveManMonaco: NewTek has introduced the 3Play 425 out at Sportel, a four-input, two-output, slow motion system that supports the simultaneous display, recording and instant replay of up to four video sources at a happily low pricepoint of £17k.

“We used 3Play during the 2011 Beach Soccer World Championship qualification in Naples” says Ernesto Ascione, Technical Director and co-owner of Cast Produczione, “This event was organized by the Italian Football Federation, the governing body of the Italian football and one of the founding member of FIFA. We were really impressed by the efficiency and the speed of 3Play workflow. In this kind of international event, you need to be on top of your production and 3Play proved to be even more efficient than the equipment used as references on the replay market”.

3Play 425 includes over-the-network integration with NewTek TriCaster, appearing as a network input and providing a complete integrated solution for live sports production with a small footprint. Additionally, 3Play 425 can be connected to any switcher, providing additional capabilities for any existing production infrastructure. The system includes an intuitive control surface, giving replay operators hands-on control of every input.

“3Play 425 gives sports broadcasters, leagues, teams, schools and venues an affordable option to deliver instant replay and slow motion for broadcast, webcast, arena scoreboard displays, and more,” says the company in a statement. “The four-input, two-output 3Play 425 offers revolutionary price-performance value that makes high definition multi-channel instant replay accessible to almost everyone.”

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