NOA integrates VidChecker automated QC

NOA Audio Solutions has partnered with VidCheck to integrate VidChecker automated quality control into NOA’s mediARC archiving system. The results are said to be highly adaptable and accurate QC facilities within a complete end-to-end archiving solution.

VidChecker performs comprehensive checks of video and audio parameters as part of the  actLINE new product VideoFileAnalyzer. With VidChecker launched from the VIdeoFileAnalyzer in a mediARC system, these automatic quality control checks are performed consistently and accurately, at faster than real time. When quality issues are detected, the actLINE software acts on the problem in one of three ways: flagging it as a warning only, as a fail on error, or by approving it to the archive depending on selectable acceptance criteria.

The produced archive media file is validated to ensure it meets the appropriate acceptance criteria, depending upon factors such as the source media resolution, age, usage requirements, and the specific workflow requirements of the broadcaster.

“VidChecker is an important tool, but is only part of the complete broadcast archive workflow,” says Thomas Dove, CEO VidCheck. “The real benefit of automatic quality control comes when it is integrated with systems such as NOA’s mediARC, which allows users not only to generate long-term archives, but also check that the archived material is correct – in the most cost-effective way. When broadcasters want to call on material archived like this, they can be confident of its correctness and quality.”

By automating quality control as an integrated part of the archiving workflow mediARC with VidChecker makes it unnecessary for an operator to manually check the content, except where the system detects an error. In addition to the productivity benefits, this ensures that all content is checked in its entirety, resulting in completely secure and consistent archive quality.

“We have seen that content analysis using VidChecker is far superior to other systems on the market, and gives a clear idea also about typical analog artifacts,” said Christophe Kummer, CEO of NOA Audio Solutions. “The productivity benefits of high quality automated quality control make a very important impact on business efficiency, so we are delighted that our partnership with VidCheck means we can offer mediARC customers the new actLINE software VideoFileAnalyzer.”

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